Increased bills: in October “up to 120%”. How and why the gas price calculation method will change

Stinging on gas bills coming in October, as already anticipated in recent days by Assoutenti. Now, the estimates of confirm. Protected market customers could suffer ‘a increase in the bill up to 120%, reaching 317 euros per month for the typical family ». It would therefore be 173 euros more than today. A figure that emerged from the simulations carried out by the comparator and which focused on the new calculation method of the Regulatory Authority for energy, networks and the environment (It is feeding). In fact, since October, in order to cope with expensive energy, Arera has decided that the cost of the raw material in gas bills will be calculated differently from what has been done up to now: based on the monthly average of the actual prices of the Italian wholesale market (Psv) and no longer the international quotations (Ttf of Amsterdam). “To understand the actual increase in the price of gas we will have to wait until the beginning of November, when Arera will publish the official data relating to the October PSV”, stated Mario Rasimelli, Managing Director Utilities of

Who is concerned with updating rates

“In any case, this tariff update it will concern only the approximately 7 million customers who have a gas supply contract in the protection service; looking at the offers available on the free market could, therefore, be a solution to at least partially counter the price increases expected for the next few months ”, stated Rasimelli. The president of the Arera, Stefano Besseghini, made an appeal of responsibility in his speech at the Italian Energy Summit in collaboration with the Sole 24 Ore: «There is a situation of overall and physiological difficulty that we have to face. Right now it is it is important that there is a great presence in the roles of responsibility“. And he added: “The Authority has tried to do its utmost, within the limits of the role of a regulator, to try to make the situation flexible and adaptable to the moment it is facing”.

In Italy, the target of 90% of storage has been reached (in advance)

In his speech Bosseghini also referred to the gas storage campaign which – “thanks to targeted interventions” – will lead our country to start the winter with the necessary reserves. In fact, Italy has reached the goal of 90% of early storage compared to the deadline at the end of autumn. This is what we read in a note from the Ministry of Ecological Transition which adds: “This result allows us to aim for an even more ambitious goal, which we will work on in the coming weeks, aimed at achieving the 92-93% filling of storage, so as to ensure greater flexibility in the event of peaks in winter consumption ».

Demonstrations against expensive bills begin

Meanwhile, the first protests against the expensive bills begin. Tomorrow, 29 September, it is expected in Piazza del Plebiscito a Naples a demonstration at 1 pm “The bakers belonging to Unipan Confcommercio Campania – explains in a note the president of the association Domenico Filosa – will be present in the square with their vans to make their voices heard and solicit immediate intervention by the institutions in support of a sector that risks disappearing ».

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