In the United States, a victory for the first union in an Apple store

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For the first time in the United States, Apple employees have decided to unionize.

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Of the 110 employees of the store in Towson, a town in the suburbs of Baltimore in Maryland, 65 voted in favor, and 33 against, according to the count broadcast live on Saturday June 18 by the federal agency responsible for supervising the poll. .

We did it Towson! We won ! Thank you to everyone who worked hard and supported us!“, reacted on Twitter the account of AppleCORE (Coalition of Apple distribution employees), as the employees who led the campaign were baptized.

Today we celebrate it with the association of machinists. Tomorrow we continue the mobilization“, they added.

AppleCORE members campaigned with the IAM (International Association of Machinists) union. They demand a voice in deciding salaries, hours and safety measures.

The result of Saturday June 18 means that the employees of this store, who were called to vote since Wednesday June 22, should create their branch within IAM, once the federal agency has certified the results.

The victory echoes that of an Amazon warehouse in New York in April, another technology group that has tried, in vain, to counter efforts to organize.


It wasn’t the first Apple Store to try to unionize, but it was the first attempt that resulted in a vote.

Apple’s director of distribution and human resources, Deirdre O’Brien, had visited the store in May to address employees. “It’s your right to join a union, but it’s also your right not to join a union.“, she had told them, according to an audio extract broadcast by the site Vice.

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She had assured that the presence of an intermediary would complicate the relationship between Apple and its employees. “I’m concerned about an organization standing in the middle of our relationship that doesn’t have a deep understanding of Apple and our business.“, she said again. “And above all, an organization which in my opinion does not share our commitment to you“.

The Californian group, contacted by AFP, refused to comment on the news.

The IAM union denounced, upstream, attempts to discourage employees from voting “oui” to unionization. In a video produced by More Perfect Union, a pro-union outlet, AppleCORE activists shared their “disgust“in the face of meetings that seemed designed to deter them.”We were told +Apple provides many benefits, you should be grateful+“, says one of them.

I applaud the courage shown by the members of CORE (…) to achieve this historic victory“commented Robert Martinez, the president of IAM International, in a press release from the union.

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