In New York and San Francisco, the unvaccinated targeted

Players not vaccinated against covid in the cities of New York and San Francisco will not be paid for games they are forced to miss at home. The NBA announced it.

“Any player who chooses not to comply with local vaccination requirements will not be paid for games they miss,” said Mike Bass, vice chairman of the body, in a statement.

The city of New York has adopted in recent weeks a decree requiring professional athletes to prove that they have received at least one dose of the vaccine to gain access to their club’s facilities. In San Francisco, a similar ordinance, requiring proof of full vaccination, will go into effect in early October.

These measures affect in particular Kyrie Irving, star of the Brooklyn Nets, and Andrew Wiggins, player of the Golden State Warriors, who are part of the 10% of the contingent of the league not to be vaccinated. The New York Knicks do not have a player affected as all are fully vaccinated, they said.

The decrees in question only apply to players playing for teams from these two cities. Those who play for one of the 27 other teams in the League are exempt. This means that an unvaccinated player, whose club will move to New York or San Francisco, will be able to play there. Irving and Wiggins will be able to play the matches outside their city.

This announcement by the NBA comes in an already tense context with basketball players refusing to be vaccinated, as it tries to finalize an agreement with the players’ union (NBPA) over the anti-covid health protocol it wants impose for the regular season which begins in three weeks.

Measures that promise to be particularly restrictive for the unvaccinated, between daily tests, meals alone, possibilities of outings and very limited interactions …

Failing to be able to force the players to be vaccinated, which it wishes but that the players’ union refuses, the NBA thus tightens a little more the screw with its health protocols and the prospect of a consequent salary deduction for the players. playing in New York and San Francisco. One way to force the hand, to achieve the stated goal of 100% vaccinated.




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