How to download any Windows or Office image

The disk images are a good way to distribute and store digital content. They are used to contain -generally in a single file- the structure and complete content of optical discs (save the ones you can …), old floppy disks, complete storage units (hard drives or SSDs) and in general any type of medium.

In software distribution they are used a lot and the truth is that they work very well. They can be downloaded from any type of equipment, stored on internal or external media and facilitate the subsequent installation of applications or operating systems once the images have been properly processed according to the type of installation we need to perform.

Microsoft offers its core applications such as operating systems and productivity suite in one software download web page that allows to obtain an image of Windows or Office, in addition to other functions such as:

  • A wizard to update to the latest version of Windows from the computer where it is running.
  • A media creation tool called “MediaCreationTool”, which allows you to download the Windows image for updates or create external installation media for third-party computers.
  • Downloading the Windows Enterprise versions by logging into the Volume Licensing Service Center.
  • Downloads from MSDN for subscribers.
  • Pre-release downloads for testers Windows Insider.
  • Link to download page of the specific versions for the educational segment.
  • Download of previous versions of the Office suite for Windows and Mac.

Downloading images of the operating system through this official route has two problems. The first is simple to use, since you have to go through the media creation tool to download them. The second problem is that Microsoft only offers the latest stable version on this portal of the operating system, today, Windows 10 2004.

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How to download any Windows or Office image

For users looking for older versions of Windows 10, other system editions such as Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, or need some version of the Office suite, there are more convenient, fast and direct methods that we are going to remind you.

The best is that he offers us the developer Jan Krohn, as a small tool that we have been using for years and that works like the first day as follows:

– Access the page and download the app «Windows-ISO Downloader.exe». The latest version has been updated last month, it is portable and requires no installation.

– Run the downloaded file and you will have access to Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and the latest Insider trial version. Also to the Office suite from version 2007 onwards, in addition to the versions for Mac.

– Mark the version that interests you and you will access another screen where you will see the availability of the editions to choose from.

windows picture

– In addition to the client versions, the tool also offers access to the download of a lot of alternative versions, the Insiders or for developers.

How to download any image from Windows or Office 33

– Confirm the options, select the language and download the image that interests you.

– The images of the different editions of the Office suite can be downloaded in the same way

How to download any Windows or Office 35 image

It should be mentioned that the tool is based on what Microsoft offers on its official portal TechBench (requires subscription) and therefore the downloads are made from the same Microsoft servers, with total security and at a speed that will reach the maximum of your connection.

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Once the image is downloaded you can use it in several ways. Burn them to optical discs or external USB media, create a master pendrive with multiple operating system installers or use them directly by loading them into virtual machines.

The download is free, but not the use of the software

You already know, but it does not hurt to make the corresponding legal considerations. Downloading a Windows or Office image is completely free, but even if it is done from Microsoft’s own servers, the use of the software is not free.

It is proprietary software and we will need a valid license with the corresponding keys to use any of the products. For Windows 10 versions, Microsoft’s activation servers must validate the computer where it is installed and for all other versions of Windows or the Office suite, a valid product key.

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