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IG Kelly Brook

Beautiful artist Kelly Brook has been named the most perfect woman in the world. In 2005 he was a sex symbol,

Suar.ID – Who the hell doubts beauty beautiful artist Kelly Brook?

Recently, beautiful artist Kelly Brook crowned as woman most perfect in the world.

Not only that, Kelly Brook also been named sex symbol in 2005.

How pretty?

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A model and actress from England, Kelly Brook, was named the most perfect woman in the world based on research results.

Research conducted by scientists from the University of Texas in 2016 suggested that Brook was perfect in almost every way.

Reporting from The Sun, the researchers analyzed their findings with various variables, one of which was the absence of any cosmetic surgery.

Until finally, the researchers’ analysis focused on the 40-year-old woman.

Brook himself has a height of 168 centimeters, a chest circumference of 99 centimeters, a hip circumference of 91 centimeters, and a body weight of 63 kilograms.

The study shows that the body stereotype that women perceive as “somewhat full” is actually the closest to perfection.

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“This woman was completely natural and scientifically perfect,” write the researchers.

However, the findings of the study were criticized by the fashion editor of the newspaper Curacao Chronicle.

“The conclusions of scientists from the University of Texas shocked the public, because even though it was known that beauty and perfection were completely cultural,” he wrote.

He added that every parameter of fashion, advertising pressure and TV modeling, always shows a completely different concept of perfection.

Kelly Brook

IG Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook

“Furthermore, this concept has made women feel bad about themselves and even experience eating disorders to achieve unreachable and unhealthy goals,” she continued.

As a sex symbol

This is not the first time Kelly Brook has earned the status of the most perfect woman in the world.

In 2005, Kelly Brook was named the sexiest woman in the world.

And that’s why he’s called a sex symbol.

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The presenter turned actress beat Hollywood sex symbols such as Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie in the FHM poll.

Aloud Girls singer Cheryl Tweedy is in second place.

Meanwhile Angelina Jolie slipped to third place, followed by EastEnders actress Michelle Ryan.

In the aftermath of business there was singer Britney Spears.

The 23-year-old singer, in the previous year, was still at 95th place.

Cheryl Tweedy’s colleague Sarah Harding came in eighth, followed by American pop queen Beyonce and Welsh singer Charlotte Church.

A year earlier, Brook, then 25 years old, was actually still ranked 14th.

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Kelly Brook is the most perfect woman in the world.

IG Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook is the most perfect woman in the world.

She also became one of six British women who entered the top ten of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005.

FHM editor at the time Ross Brown said: “The key to winning this competition is sex appeal and as our readers have seen so much, Kelly definitely has it.

“Kelly Brook has always been an FHM favorite and it’s amazing to see her at the top of the list.

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“100 Woman Sexiest 2005 FHM has been the most successful poll to date.

“There is a lot of interest in this competition and the final list is a sure guide to woman sexiest in the world. “

Therefore, Kelly Brook valid to be sex symbol in this world.

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