Goo Hye-sun is in love with a man

Actor Goo Hye-sun, who appeared in’Sumi Lodge,’ foretold a sincere confession.
Goo Hye-sun appeared on KBS·SKY’s’Sumi Lodge’, which was broadcasted for the first time on the 18th, and boasted an honest talk by mentioning taking sleeping pills and a love affair.
In the broadcast that day, Goo Hye-sun said, “I took a sleeping pill for about 13 years. My brain forgot to sleep while I started working here,” he said, telling the grievance of life in the entertainment industry.
He revealed that he was carrying an emergency medicine pouch, saying, “I stay up all night after doing this. I stay up all night even though I don’t stay up.”
In particular, in the next trailer, Goo Hye-seon drew attention with a loud laugh saying, “I love you a lot. It’s a man that’s spread out”.
Goo Hye-seon answered “I am in love” to Kim Soo-mi’s question, “Aren’t you lonely”, raising questions about next week’s broadcast.
Goo Hye-sun previously mentioned the fact of dating on Kakao TV’s’Face ID’ last month. In the broadcast at the time, Goo Hye-sun said there was a man who had been known for 3 months and said, “I haven’t done a wedding, so I want to do a wedding next time.”
Goo Hye-sun (Photo = Broadcast screen)
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