Emmanuel Macron plans to “dismantle” Facebook

The candidate for his re-election positions himself firmly against American platforms, of which he criticizes the addictive and harmful aspect for our societies. He also takes a stand against online anonymity.

The next meeting between Emmanuel Macron and Mark Zuckerberg could be colder than that of May 2018. of Point, the president-candidate delivered his vision of the major digital platforms and their effects on society, with a particularly critical point of view on the latter. During the interview granted to the weekly, Emmanuel Macron hypothesized a dismantling, in particular to put an end to the power of Facebook.

Facebook indirectly targeted

“First there is the subject of social networks. Many are American today. We must not hesitate to consider the dismantling of those who are in a monopoly situation and to regulate” warns Emmanuel Macron.

If Facebook is not explicitly named, it is currently the only American group (now called Meta) accused of monopoly and whose activity is based on the exploitation of social networks. The latter thus has Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger messaging as well as the Oculus virtual reality platform.

The hypothesis of such a dismantling of Meta is raised with increasing insistence by elected officials in Europe and the United States, where the firm is the target of numerous complaints for abuse of a dominant position. In particular, the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg is accused of to have bought Instagram and WhatsApp in order to avoid any competition.

During the same interview, Emmanuel Macron draws a rather negative assessment of the role of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

“On social networks, we can kill reputations, spread false news, push people to suicide” regrets the candidate. “When you read what Mark Zuckerberg thinks, for example, or even Elon Musk, who became a shareholder of Twitter and who is a libertarian, you realize that they also have a vision of the world. is not always democratic”, he adds.

“There should be no anonymity”

More surprisingly, Emmanuel Macron evokes a track yet criticized by his Secretary of State for Digital Cédric O: prohibit anonymity online.

“In a democratic society, there should be no anonymity. You cannot walk around in the street wearing a hood. On the Internet, people allow themselves, because they are hooded behind a nickname, to say the worst abjections” thus analyzes Emmanuel Macron.

The candidate, who will face Marine Le Pen in the second round on April 24, also returns to his campaign promises around France’s digital sovereignty, in the face of the omnipotence of the American and Chinese giants in the field.

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“Ensuring our sovereignty in the areas of platforms, mobile applications, metaverses, the cybersecurity cloud will take us ten years” anticipates Emmanuel Macron.

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