Elon Musk calls for more living space in Austin for Tesla and SpaceX employees

Elon Musk called for more housing in Austin, Texas on Monday in two cryptic tweets.

“Urgent Need to Put More Housing Together in Greater Austin!” This Tesla Chairman of the board wrote in the first Tweet.

“Austin ++,” he then added something mysterious.

Guy Musk, who is both Tesla and secondary SpaceXua moved to Texas in 2020 clash with the public Temporarily exclude with California Covid-19. Its aerospace company SpaceX already has facilities in Texas, and its electric car maker Tesla is building a calesche gigafactory just outside Austin.

Experts wonder if the chairman’s latest tweets mean he plans to expand his activities in the Lone Star State, thanks in part to another message he posted on which platform to Finale last month.

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“Please consider moving to Starbase or the Greater Brownsville / South Padre, Texas area afterward, and encourage friends to do so!” Musk fellow tweeted on March 31st. “What kind of setting needs from SpaceX, for example? Hd. Engineers, technicians, builders and important support participants of all kinds is growing rapidly. “

“The starbase will grow by several thousand people in the next year or two,” he added, apparently referring to his new name e.g. Ms. Boca Chica, a city in Texas, in which SpaceX has a rocket test facility.

The bullish announcements come e.g. Hd. SpaceX at an uncomfortable time. Shortly beforehand, guy Musk tweeted the Starbase Jobs, a test of his SN11 Rockets ended in a fiery explosion – or, as SpaceX put it, a “quick unscheduled dismantling”.

Probably fellow Musk invests enthusiastically in his activities in Texas. It’s currently over 1,000 vacancies as part of SpaceX in the US state, and which chairman of the board of directors said that until 2022, 10,000 people will continue to e.g. Hd. Tesla’s Gigafactory to be searched. He has also promised to give Brownsville $ 10 million z. Donate the “revitalization which city center”.

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This headquarters of SpaceX and Tesla are both still in California, in contrast to that, Guy Musk has made it clear that he hasn’t fallen in love with the state anymore.

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