Earrings with the FATF

September is the deadline month for Congress to adjust the Mexican legal framework to the 40 recommendations made by the Financial Action Task Force (GAFI) in the 2018 evaluation to strengthen the tools to combat money laundering. even with assets seized or forfeited at the request of foreign governments.

Among the most important reforms that will have to be made to the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin is that of applying stricter regulations to the operation of trusts and strengthening the extinction of domain to the requisite resources and that are not claimed by organized crime.

Currently there are around 2 billion pesos frozen by the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) that no one has required; They are found in banking institutions and there is no regulatory power that allows the Institute to Return the Stolen to the People or the Public Ministry to apply for a domain extinction procedure.

The modifications that are in the hands of the legislators will provide technical and operational autonomy to the body that leads Santiago Nieto Castillo; They would also allow you to create a list to monitor the operations of people considered “politically exposed” (very important in view of the electoral proximity), and they will give you access to information about them in databases of other institutions.

In February 2021, the FATF is expected to carry out an evaluation of compliance with its observations, and if it receives a negative rating, the effects on the country may even be economic. Hence this week Nieto Castillo He urged the members of the Finance and Public Credit Commission to remove the aforementioned reforms from the freezer that will give the FIU more powers in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

Next room

During the operation that by judicial order carried out by the Secretariat of Citizen Security in the offices of the Cooperativa La Cruz Azul, Guillermo Patiño Vera, private secretary of Billy Alvarez, at the time he was trying to shred documents from various boxes; They found about 500 thousand pesos in cash in two bags that he could not justify and will be handed over to the authorities … The issue of schools continues. They inform me that the Escandón Nursing School, located at Gaviota 33, Tacubaya, charges tuition fees if they are not paid on time. Now she asks for the payment of tuition and registration together despite the fact that classes begin on August 24; many parents were also affected by the pandemic.


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