Dominican stands out as a photographer for the New York NFL teams

NEW YORK.- The NFL, the American Football League, has a Dominican as its official photographer. From an early age, Michael Henríquez was a fan of the National Football League (NFL).

He receives as payment the sum of 600 dollars per match, plus benefits such as medical insurance. Work all the games of the league teams, based in New York City.

His advice to Dominican youth: “Everything is a purpose in life, you just have to have discipline and responsibility, have goals to do something, follow your dreams, overcome the obstacles that come along the way.”

«Michael Henríquez, a Dominican, photographer of the NFL teams from New York City»“
Henríquez narrates in the television program “Telefuturo Deportes” that in 2001 he acquired his first camera that cost him 500 dollars and began his path as a photographer in the minor leagues of different sports. The photos he obtained, he then sold to the children’s parents, which meant a commercial and professional benefit.

His best photos were placed on a mural that, when seen by a friend, recommended it for a newspaper in New York. That allowed him to work his first professional game in 2007 in a Yankees and Twins game and he refers as an iconic photo of the game, the home run that Joe Mauer, of the Minnesota team, hit in it.

Since 2007 he has been working as an official photographer for the NFL. “I felt grateful for the success, after 20 years struggling to progress, it was a great satisfaction to communicate the news to my father, unfortunately my father, now deceased, could not enjoy my success.”

He explains that “it is difficult to enter, because it is a closed circle, it is like an inheritance, for which I am grateful for all the opportunities I had to access and be able to continue working in that environment”,

“Giving the best of me has been the key to staying, it is a fast sport, so I always focus on the action and what is happening, to achieve better images,” he says, while affirming that he is always alert, aware of any movement and the action of the coaches, to avoid an encounter with a player and physical injuries to regret.

“I have always had pleasant moments because I like the game; I have had difficult moments, and he refers as his most difficult moment, “when I entered for the first time, I did not know where to go, but then I joined and that has allowed me to stay 13 years”, affirms the Dominican.


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