Dialpad vs Grasshopper: Which is Best for Your Business?

CloudTalk also works seamlessly with all HubSpot plans. If you are a loyal HubSpot user, our software should be your option number 1.

How CloudTalk Compares to Dialpad and Grasshopper

While Dialpad offers 25 features and Grasshopper less than 20, we have you covered with 70 advanced tools to serve and support all business needs.

CloudTalk gives you advanced calling features over basic Grasshopper calling. With tools such asACDl’IVRl’call recording and the skill-based routingyou can automate much of your calling process, saving time and resources.

Compared to Dialpad, CloudTalk is the winner in terms of statistics advancements. For example, with custom reports, you can filter all the data you need in seconds. Search by agent, phone number, queue, duration, etc.

Pricing: Transparent packages for
businesses of all sizes

With plans ranging from $25 to $50 user/month paid annually ($30-$60 user/month paid monthly), CloudTalk offers premium services that clearly demonstrate our value. CloudTalk offers a fully customizable packageso you only pay for what you need.


Among CloudTalk’s 70 features, our flagship tools include several advanced dialers (power, predictive, and smart). In addition, you can send a call to the agent best able to handle it according to predefined parameters thanks to routing skills based et on the caller.

Thanks to our Call Notes and Labels, your employees are better informed of the customer’s call history. This gives you the opportunity to provide personalized customer service. Additionally, CloudTalk also allows you to maintain a local presence. We offer more than 160 international numbers.

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