Dahanxi Constructed Wetland Habitat Restoration and some red-crowned water chickens are now nesting

(Provided by New Taipei City High Beach Land Engineering Management Office)

Reporter Huang Qiuru / New Taipei Report

Strolling in the lush green Dahan River artificial wetland in New Taipei City, the red-crowned water pheasant is a bird that is easy to observe almost all year round. Although the black and dark brown body of the adult bird is slightly low-key, the bright red forehead is particularly eye-catching in a green wetland environment.

Zhang Xiuming, director of the High Beach Project Management Office in New Taipei City, said that the High Beach Office has long attached great importance to wetland conservation. After years of management and management, the Dahan River Wetland has not only become a recreational space, but also an environment that breeds diverse ecology. At present, red-crowned water chickens are often found in many places in Dahanxi Wetland. They can be seen wandering in open water, on the edge of grasslands, and on phytoplankton.

(Provided by New Taipei City High Beach Land Engineering Management Office)

It is mentioned at Gaotan that from April to September every year is the breeding season of the red-crowned water pheasant. The red-crowned water pheasant does not pay too much attention to the nesting site, as long as the water environment is relatively high or the floating leaf plants are not flooded. Wherever you go, you can see red-crowned water pheasants nesting on dry branches or grass branches. According to the records of the wetland ecological survey team, the same pair of parent birds can successfully breed up to 4 broods within a year, and each brood has 3-5 eggs, which is quite a “prolific” bird species. In addition, the brothers and sisters of the red-crowned water chicken are good helpers for the Gu family. The young birds born in the previous nest in the same year will act as nanny and stay in the parent bird’s field to take care of the young birds. Moreover, the red-crowned water pheasant is a “precocious” bird, and can move and forage with the parent birds soon after breaking the shell. In addition, the rich food resources and stable habitat in the Dahanxi artificial wetland can make the red-crowned water pheasant The family lives and thrives here.

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(Provided by New Taipei City High Beach Land Engineering Management Office)

Zhang Xiuming mentioned that when people come to the Dahanxi Wetland, they can not only enjoy the green space and beautiful scenery, but also observe the ecology, and have the opportunity to spot red-crowned water pheasants. Interested people are welcome to visit and take pictures, but also remind the public to remember to keep Observe from a distance and don’t disturb the ecology of the wetland.
If you want to learn more about the story of the Dahanxi artificial wetland, you are welcome to contact the Dahanxi Ecological Corridor Guide Center located under the Huajiang Bridge at the Gaotan Office. We can provide guided tours by appointment, allowing adults and children to enjoy the scenery and have fun. , you can learn more about the multiple functions of artificial wetlands, enhance environmental protection awareness, and make reservations for detailed tour information.

(Provided by New Taipei City High Beach Land Engineering Management Office)

【Traffic and Guide Information】:
Xinhai Phase II and Phase III Constructed Wetlands
1. Bus 310, 307, 810, 857, 786 to “Banqiao Junior High School, Banqiao 435 Arts and Cultural Special Zone” → Xinyue Bridge to Xinhai Constructed Wetland Phase II → Dahanxi Bicycle Lane (to the south) → Xinhai Constructed Wetland No. 3 Period, walk for about 10 minutes.

2. Guide information (Dahanxi Ecological Corridor Guide Center): (1) Location: Riverside Park under the Huajiang Bridge in New Taipei City.
(2) Service hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm (Closed on Monday).
(3) Gaotan Office official website (www.hrcm.ntpc.gov.tw/).

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