Crisis center: “At the height of the flu epidemic, up to 70,000 tests will be carried out”

AAt the height of the seasonal flu epidemic, 50,000 to 70,000 tests (for coronavirus screening, editor’s note) will be scheduled per day, ”said interfederal spokesperson Frédérique Jacobs on Friday at a joint press conference at the Center for crisis and the FPS Public Health.

This peak is usually between January and March. Health ministers have an “ambitious plan to maintain a high rate of testing in the months to come”, she said. However, the manner in which the increase in tests will be achieved was not specified during the press conference.

Difficult fall and winter

Autumn and winter are shaping up to be particularly difficult. “Other viruses will be circulating and can cause colds and flu-like symptoms. We will then be able to distinguish the Covid-19 only with tests, ”she explained.

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