Covid: in Romania 2,880 cases and 53 deaths in 24 hours – Last Hour


(ANSAmed) – BELGRADE, OCT 11 – Romania remains the country most affected by the pandemic in the Balkans, with 2,880 coronavirus infections in the last 24 hours and 53 deaths. The totals rose to 155,283 cases and 5,411 deaths. The country has experienced the worst week since the covid pandemic began.

In fact, 19,383 cases were registered in the last seven days, almost the same number as those occurred in the first hundred days of the epidemic. In the last two weeks, the Balkan country, according to local media reports, is in second place for percentage of deaths, 3.5 per hundred thousand inhabitants, surpassed only by Spain 3.6 per 100 thousand inhabitants.

The contagion curve in the other countries of the region is high. Croatia has registered 508 new cases and seven victims since yesterday, Bulgaria 448 new infections with four deaths. A new daily record recorded in Slovenia with 411 infections in 24 hours, but no new victims, which in total have been 167 so far. Numerous infections also in Bosnia-Herzegovina, with 302 cases in 24 hours, with a new victim. In this country, the toll since the beginning of the pandemic is 30,325 coronavirus infections and 907 deaths. Montenegro reported an additional 228 cases out of 899 tests performed, with another four deaths. The epidemiological situation in Serbia is more favorable, with 102 new infections (total 34,787) and one victim (763) in the last 24 hours, and Kosovo with 49 cases and two deaths. (ANSAmed).



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