Coronavirus: number of infected rises – drama in Bavarian nursing home

Because of the corona virus, the first city in Germany has imposed a curfew. In addition, the entry restrictions have been extended to air and ship traffic.

Update from March 21 at 9.30 a.m .: The ones that have been in force in Bavaria since midnight Exit restrictions were largely complied with, confirmed Bavaria Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU). However, there were exceptions. The police will continue to control strongly today.

Clemens Wendtner, Chief Physician of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases in the Munich Clinic Schwabing meanwhile reports that also in Germany more and more young patients have to be cared for in intensive care*: “The youngest symptomatic Covid-19 patients were in their early 20s. “

Newspaper publishers all over Germany want to show the flag with their readers in the next few days: numerous print editions will print a double-sided advertisement that can be hung in the window. The text: “We stay at home. And we thank everyone who keeps the store going. ”

Corona virus in Germany: exit restrictions for Bavaria and Saarland

Update 22:04: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern further restricts public life in the fight against the spread of the corona virus. The gastronomy in the country will be closed from 6pm on Saturday evening.

Countries such as Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Saxony and Hamburg are tightening their course. Meetings of smaller groups are now prohibited in many places, restaurants are closed to guests. Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to discuss the next steps with the federal states on Sunday.

In Bavaria and Saarland there are even exit restrictions.

Update, 9:27 p.m .: In Thuringia, a person died of a corona infection for the first time. It is an 83-year-old man from Jena.

Corona in Germany: Nine dead in a Würzburg nursing home

Update, 8.49 p.m .: Meanwhile, the situation in a nursing home in Würzburg is dramatic. The four known deaths (see update at 7:16 p.m.) five more were added during the evening. So overall it happened nine corona dead in Würzburg within a few hours*.

Update, 8.20 p.m .: The number of deaths has also increased in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the evening, the city of Bochum announced the first person to have died from the effects of the corona virus. It is a 55-year-old who had returned to the Ruhr region from his vacation in Austria.

Update, 7.41 p.m .: Baden-Württemberg also reports new deaths after Bavaria. Six more people died as a result of the coronavirus during Friday, and there are now officially 17 deaths in the state

Update, 7:16 p.m .: Are in Bavaria five more people diedwho were infected with the novel corona virus. There are four deaths Wurzburg and one from the district Starnberg, as the Ministry of Health announced on Friday in Munich. In the morning, a spokesman announced the death of an 85-year-old from the Tirschenreuth district and an 82-year-old from the Wunsiedel district in the Fichtel Mountains. There are currently 20 coronavirus deaths in Bavaria.

Corona in Germany: The tearful appeal of a master baker

Update, 6.49 p.m .: With an insistent appeal to customers and politicians Baker from Hanover Reached hundreds of thousands of people on social media within hours. “The middle class is dropped. It is a disaster, ”said Gerhard Bosselmann, owner of the Bosselmann bakery chain, in a video distributed on Friday. The promised government funding would not go down well with small businesses.

Almost half a million users saw within a few hours how Bosselmann also appealed to his customers, sometimes with a tear-choked voice: “Go to your bakery around the corner! […] And it doesn’t give a shit, that means they save jobs. ”Without a certain minimum turnover, his company could only survive six to eight weeks, 205 jobs would be at stake.

Coronavirus: Further deaths in Germany – two countries announce drastic measures

Update, 4:23 p.m .:In the district of Heinsberg in North Rhine-Westphalia four more deaths
reported in connection with the corona virus. Three women, aged 80, 85 and 68, and a 95-year-old man have died of the virus.

“As with the previous cases, all four were Patients with previous health problems“, As the circle announced.

A total of 13 people from the Heinsberg district have died as a result of a Covid 19 infection.

Corona virus: System-relevant – those who have this job have to work

Numerous German citizens are exempt from the employer or ins Home office have been sent. New drastic measures like Exit restrictions and closings of facilities bring everyday life to a standstill. Companies shut down and apply for short-time work. In order for the system to be maintained, certain professional groups must hold the position because of their tasks systemically relevant are.

Coronavirus in Germany: Hesse and Lower Saxony close catering businesses

Update, 3:40 p.m .: Hesse joins the southern federal states and also imposes the closure of restaurants and restaurants. in addition, only groups of up to five people may come together. Also Lower Saxony closes all catering establishments, but buying out of the house is also allowed here

The new regulations will apply in Bavaria from midnight on Friday, but what about the Oktoberfest in the state capital of Munich?

Update, 3.10 p.m .: All restaurants will also close in Rhineland-Palatinate, and meetings of more than five people are prohibited. Baden-Württemberg is also tightening the requirements. As of Saturday, all restaurants will also close here, apart from families, groups of more than three people are prohibited.

New editions in Bavaria: you need to know that

Update, 1:55 p.m .: After the dramatic speech by Markus Söder must Bavaria now be the first federal state to be prepared for new exit restrictions. The most important points from the press conference with Markus Söder:

  • In Bavaria there will be one for two weeks from midnight Exit restriction come into effect.
  • The apartment may only be used if establish to be left. This includes pharmacy and grocery shopping, work, doctor visits.
  • Visits to the doctor do not include visits Speech therapist, Occupational therapists and only absolute emergency visits to Physiotherapist.
  • Exercise and walking in the fresh air is permitted, but only alone or with the family, or people with whom you live (for example partners or family members) or one dog possible.
  • Gatherings of people are no longer allowed.
  • Next Local now have to Hairdressers, garden and tree markets conclude.
  • In addition, there is a general ban on visiting Clinics, elderly and disabled facilities. A visit is only permitted in the event of death. You can also parents visit their children in hospitals, fathers are also allowed to Births to be there.
  • Life partner or even Children of divorce can still be visited by separated partners.
  • Gastronomies will be closed from Saturday, but are still possible Take away food, Drive-in switch and Deliveries.
  • At violation the fines are subject to high fines of up to 25,000 euros.

Corona virus in Germany: Saarland also wants to enforce exit restrictions

That too Saarland wants to impose an exit restriction and close all restaurants in the state. Saarland’s Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU) Markus Söder wants to do it right away and wants his Council of Ministers on Friday the adoption propose a corresponding general will.

As in Bavaria, restaurants in Saarland should also be closed, only delivery or purchase should be allowed. “Family walks, for example by far from others remain possible – nobody will locked up“Says Hans. Due to its geographical location, this situation for the Saarland as a border region Risk area Grand Est “represents a particularly difficult challenge”.

Corona virus in Germany: far-reaching changes – restaurants close

Update, 1:05 p.m .: Because of the corona crisis, all federal states want, according to Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), from midnight all restaurants close. It will first be for the next 14 days only “to go, drive-in and deliveries” Söder said in Munich. “All other federal states also want to implement this.”

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Update, 12:24 p.m .: As Order Director Norbert Dahmen explains on Friday, are now also in Dortmund Gatherings banned by more than four people in public spaces. This should make it possible in the future “Corona-
PartiesTo sanction.

Meanwhile, a young mother wanted to go to hospital Mannheim with her infant for one Thief tour use. According to the police on Friday, the woman had converted the stroller into a “shopping cart”: Hospital staff found ten protective coats, two packs of 200 disposable gloves, 100 face masks and half a liter Disinfectant from the inventory of the clinic. A further 32 protective masks were found in a companion’s handbag.

The stroller was noticed on Thursday when the infant was treated by the doctor. Both of the accused are now being investigated for joint theft.

Corona virus in Germany: number of deaths is increasing rapidly – RKI boss shocked by survey among Germans

Update, 10:04 a.m .: “I want you to understand the seriousness of the situation,” explains Lothar Wieler from the Robert Koch Institute at the beginning of the press conference. As Wieler explains further, the number of Infected in Germany by almost 3,000 people the previous day.

Many of them have a dry cough, fever has 40 percent of the reported cases.

The RKI now offers an additional tool on the homepage of the Robert Koch Institute on. As of today, there should be a map there that should show all officially reported infections divided into counties. These numbers are said to be against daily midnight be updated.

Corona virus in Germany: Robert Koch Institute with emotional appeal

“Everyone can from this virus become infected. The risk of dying from it increases with age and the underlying illnesses, ”explains Wieler. According to a representative survey however, many people are still not ready to reduce their social contacts. One in four therefore think that the measures taken only Scaremongering be. Every second is not ready to stay at home for now.

“We are all in a crisis that is of a magnitude that I could never have imagined myself,” explains Wieler. He has been appealing for weeks Hospitals to prepare for the pandemic.

Coronavirus in Germany: Robert Koch Institute informs in press conference

Update, 9.56 a.m .: In a few moments, the Robert Koch Institute will speak about the current developments in a live press conference.

Coronavirus in Germany: Within 24 hours – the number of deaths and infected people is increasing rapidly

Update, 8.12 a.m .: Now there seems to be another fatality. As the SWR reports with reference to a press release, an 80-year-old in Rhineland-Palatinate succumbed to the consequences of the coronavirus disease. This increases the number of deaths in Germany to 47.

Coronavirus in Germany: number of deaths increases to 46

Update from March 20, 5:17 a.m .: According to the Johns Hopkins University, the number of people who tested positive for Covid-19 in Germany rose to over 15,000. In addition to the 44 deaths confirmed so far, a woman from Hesse apparently now died. As Bild reports, it is an 89-year-old from Mainhausen.

An 84-year-old from the Westerwald district in Rhineland-Palatinate apparently succumbed to the consequences of the corona virus. The number of people who died of Covid-19 in Germany rose to 46.

Corona virus in Germany: three more dead – for the first time more than 15,000 infected

Update from March 19, 10:51 p.m .: One previously unconfirmed media report According to Germany, two more people died in the Corona crisis. In the Selb Clinic in Upper Franconia, two elderly people are said to have died from the consequences of the coronavirus. There was no information from the Ministry of Health in this regard.

Update 9:33 p.m .: According to the Johns Hopkins University, more than 15,000 people in Germany have been infected with the corona virus. Specifically, there were 15,320 cases in the evening (as of 9:30 p.m.). 44 of them were fatal. Most recently, three people from Baden-Württemberg died of the consequences of the coronavirus (see update from 5:02 p.m.).

In contrast to the Robert Koch Institute, the university updates its data several times a day. Different numbers can appear at times.

9:26 pm: The city of Freiburg has issued a ban on entering public places due to the current corona pandemic. It is said to apply from March 21 to April 3.

Update, 9.20 p.m .: In Germany becomes eager about a Curfew suspected. So far, police units solve larger groups of people relying on the Infection Protection Act on – what this means.

Corona virus in Germany: police warn against unscrupulous criminals

Update, 7.50 p.m .: There are still unscrupulous people trying to take advantage of the current crisis situation. The police in the Lower Saxony district of Nienburg are currently warning of wrong employees of the health department.

With protective suits and face masks, they tried to gain access to houses and apartments. It will be waited to let these people in. Citizens were also asked to warn acquaintances – especially older people – about the fraudsters.

Update, 6.09 p.m .: In the fight against coronavirus, doctors and nurses are at the forefront – and have to prepare for many more seriously ill patients. To prepare the healthcare system for this, government-organized supplies are now underway.

Ten million urgently needed respiratory masks are to be distributed to medical practices and hospitals, as the Federal Ministry of Health announced on Thursday. In homes, special regulations should relieve the caregivers who are already working at the limit. The general practitioners want to stand in front of the clinics as a kind of bulwark.

Update, 17.02 p.m .: In Germany, three other people died as a result of the coronavirus. All three people come from Baden-Württemberg, as the Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday.

The dead are over 80 year olds from Sigmaringen district, over 90 year olds from Esslingen district and over 90 year olds from Emmendingen district.

Update, 4:41 p.m .: The armed forces is preparing to be comprehensive in the Corona crisis Aid and support services to provide. For this, the armed forces would also mobilize reservists, announced Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer on Thursday in Berlin. Initially, this applies primarily to the medical service, but in principle also to other areas.

The minister referred to the potential of 120,000 reservists. Of these, 75,000 are directly accessible to the Bundeswehr. There is a “large pool of specialists”, emphasized Kramp-Karrenbauer. Around 1,300 reservists had already volunteered, of which 935 were available for the medical service in a timely manner. But reservists should also be called in other troops, she announced.

Update, 2:50 p.m .: Nursing homes, nursing services and nursing staff should be relieved so that they can Consequences of the corona crisis can cope.

Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) announced on Thursday in Berlin concrete help on. These include Relief from bureaucracy, financial aid and more personal support.

Special rules for nursing homes are to come. Nurses would now need special protection and support, said Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU).

The Personnel key for care are suspended until further notice. This would enable facilities to be maintained even if fewer specialists are unable to work due to the Corona crisis, Spahn said. In nursing homes and services, half of the nursing staff must have completed training at normal times.

Corona virus in Germany: long-term care insurance funds are intended to compensate for expenditure and income

Expenditures or loss of income due to the Corona crisis should be borne by the Nursing care funds be balanced. The maintenance TÜV is suspended until September. This relieves the facility of documentation requirements, said Spahn. The medical service of the health insurance companies (MDK) is to help homes that have staff shortages with nursing staff and doctors who otherwise work as inspectors and assessors at the MDK.

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Update, 12.06 p.m .: A 28-year-old is said to have stolen around a hundred liters of disinfectant from the warehouse of a hospital in North Rhine-Westphalia and offered the bottles for sale on the Internet. The investigators tracked down the suspect by giving evidence, as the police in Münster said on Thursday. Police found parts of the loot in the 28-year-old’s apartment in Havixbeck in the Coesfeld district.

The suspect denied the act in his police questioning. Now criminal proceedings await him.

Corona virus in Germany: the police break up parties – young people are unreasonable

Update 11.40 a.m .: The Freiburg police had to go out several times during the night of Thursday for corona parties. The police headquarters informed that young people and young adults had met on barbecues and playgrounds. The group sizes were two to three digits. Some of the teenagers controlled by the police had acted inconsiderately when the police ordered them to leave the country.

Munich police officers also patrol the English Garden, making sure that the distance regulations are observed.

Coronavirus – Munich

© picture alliance / dpa / Matthias Balk

“It’s not about the individual, it’s about making it clear to everyone that everyone should behave decently,” said da Gloria Martins, police spokesman for the Munich police. Playgrounds are another problem – especially in Munich. “The solution cannot be to bring the children to the playgrounds. And then we meet parents with a ‘can’t-be-where-should-be-where-I-then-take my kids’ attitude. It is still not in our heads that we are in a difficult crisis situation. “

According to the spokesman, one must intervene in such situations in the future.

“We will address large, party-oriented groups. The second step is to implement the legal situation if more than five people meet, or if the distance is not maintained2, it continues. Then he still has to threaten: In such cases, two places would be banned, then the people would be taken away.

Meanwhile, the football club continuesFC Deisenhofen a strong sign in times of the corona crisis, as reported by *.

Coronavirus in Germany: RKI press conference fails

Update 10.02 a.m .: So far, the Robert Koch Institute has provided information on the current state of affairs in a daily press conference. This Thursday, the institute is foregoing a live conference. Meanwhile, the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) in a press conference.

Like Dr. Andreas Gassen explains that it can be expected that some medical practices will have to be closed if a coronavirus case occurs. In this case, home visits may be offered more.

Coronavirus in Germany: Three more deaths in Germany

Update 8.26 a.m .: The number of deaths in Germany continues to increase. As the Health department in the district of Heinsberg are now reported three more people died of the consequences of the viral disease. The fatalities are therefore a woman and two men, all three between 83 and 87 years old. All three people had previous illnesses.

Coronavirus in Germany: the number of infected people is increasing

Update from March 19, 6.34 a.m .: The number of people infected in Germany continues to rise. While the Robert Koch Institute speaks of 8,198 people who test positive in Germany on Wednesday evening, the Johns Hopkins University reports 12,327 officially ill people on Thursday morning. What do the different information mean?

Meanwhile, Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker (63) is in corona quarantine. “I have nothing, I feel very comfortable,” said the independent politician of the German Press Agency. However, since she was in contact with a person infected with corona, she remained in her apartment in an apartment building in Cologne until the end of next week.

“I get along with it quite well because I work here now as I do in the office. I get my files here and I talk a lot on the phone. That’s why I may not notice the difference the way others do. I’m just sitting somewhere else. “

She only has personal contact with her husband. She does not go outside, although it is allowed if you keep enough distance from others. However, she would prefer not to do so, because otherwise the impression may arise that she is not taking her quarantine seriously.

Corona virus in Germany: RKI wants to evaluate cell phone data – Germans apparently for curfew

Update com March 18, 8:16 p.m .: In the fight against the spread of the novel Corona virus want that Robert Koch Institute (RKI) also evaluations of Cell phone data use. Of the Data made available to Deutsche Telekom could show whether the mobility of the population has decreasedsaid RKI President Lothar Wieler in Berlin on Wednesday. The EU Data Protection Supervisor called for caution when using telephone data in crisis management.

Deutsche Telekom has now provided the RKI with mass data free of charge, which should provide clues about the flow of motion. “When we see that people are not implementing the measures at all, we know why infection numbers remain high”said RKI President Wieler. The institute wants to make “fact-based” decisions.

In Lombardy, Italy, the region worst affected by the spread of the novel corona virus in Europe, the authorities say the media are already doing the same: Analysis of data from radio masts from telephone providers has shown that only 60 percent of the population stays at home, although the government has imposed a strict curfew, the daily Il Corriere della Sera reported.

Telekom and RKI assured that the data could not be used to draw conclusions about individual users or people infected with the corona virus.

Doctor and politician Wolfgang Wodarg sees scaremongering in dealing with the corona virus. Now chief virologist Christian counters Do the criticism and find clear words.*

Corona virus in Germany: Germans for curfews? Survey delivers surprising result

Update 8:01 p.m.
: In several European countries have already been Curfews imposed. In the meantime a first city has also opened in Germany resorted to the drastic means in the fight against the corona virus. In general, Germany has so far waived curfews. However, the Chancellor retained Angela Merkel in her TV address* further measures before. So what is not can still be. But how would the German population stand about curfews?

A survey by the polling institute Civey on behalf of Focus Online now provides the surprising answer. Accordingly, the majority of German curfews would be in favor. The survey asked 5,039: “Do you think it is appropriate to impose a curfew in Germany to contain the corona pandemic?”

66.4 percent of respondents replied that curfews were “appropriate” or at least “more appropriate”. According to the survey, only 24.3 percent are against the drastic measure (answer: “against” or “rather against”), while 9.3 percent are undecided.

Corona virus in Germany: entry restrictions extended

Update 7:16 p.m .: Germany is already expanding it five national borders applicable Entry restrictions because of the spread of the Corona virus now also on Flights and the Shipping out. As the Federal Ministry of the Interior announced on Wednesday evening, EU citizens will no longer be allowed to travel to Germany by plane or ship from Austria, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Denmark. If you come from an EU country, you can still land at a German airport if you travel from there to your home country. However, there is no question that the pandemic is hitting the economy hard. Germany therefore has some Corona measures for business decided.

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Corona virus in Germany: two more dead in Bavaria

Update 19:14:
In Bavaria, two more people died after infections with the novel corona virus. So there is now in the Free State
seven deaths of people who carried the virus, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Munich on Wednesday.

According to the Landratsamt Landsberg am Lech, in one case it is a 71-year-old patient with previous illnesses, according to the Landratsamt Würzburg in the second case, he is also a 90-year-old patient with previous illnesses, as the spokesman explained. The other deceased were also old and had other diseases before the coronavirus infection – they are therefore part of the known main risk group.

Update 5.50 p.m .: The police warn against false corona testers. As the dpa reports, alleged corona testers have appeared near Leipzig. The alleged testers probably called with a suppressed number. They told a 58-year-old man on the phone that an acquaintance with corona was in the hospital. A team would come to his home and do a corona infection test.

Corona crisis: Alleged testers probably wanted to steal valuables

The alleged testers actually appeared in protective suits. When asked by the health department, however, it turned out that the test was not ordered. The police assume that the “corona testers” wanted to steal valuables.

The police and the Leipzig Health Office therefore point out that the Health Office also carries out tests at home in special cases. In these cases, however, the employees identify themselves to everyone concerned and do not come by at night.

Meanwhile there was in Munich wild scenes in the fight for corona tests *.

Corona chaos: failure of the Abitur exams is conceivable

Update 5:35 p.m .: Due to the Corona crisis is now probably also a Failure of the Abitur exams conceivable. “We hope that the originally planned dates can be kept. Nevertheless, we are preparing for a possible postponement or even the cancellation of written or oral exams, ”said the President of the Conference of Ministers of Education (KMK) and Rhineland-Palatinate Education Minister Stefanie Hubig on Wednesday.

However, the previous agreements still apply. “No pupil should be at a disadvantage from the current situation.”

Corona crisis: The first federal states have already decided to postpone the Abitur exams

Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and Bavaria had already announced the Postponing high school exams. Now other federal states want to check shifts.

A regulation that is as uniform as possible is now no longer possible after individual countries have “rushed”, said Hubig. The aim is for countries to come together in groups and to write the exams on common dates.

Corona chaos: First city announces curfew

Update 5.10 p.m .: The first Bavarian city has announced a curfew: It is the small town of Mitterteich in the Tirschenreuth district, as * reports.

Update 4:44 p.m.: In view of the rapidly increasing number of corona infected people in Germany, the Robert Koch Institute uses millions of mobile phone data.

This has the RKI of theDeutsche Telekom Free anonymized movement data received from cell phone users to help measure the success of the measures Coronavirus spread can assess.

“The data shows us whether the overall mobility of the population has decreased,” said RKI President Lothar Wieler in Berlin on Wednesday. “There are aggregated, anonymized data and not individual data, ”he emphasized.

The RKI must be able to assess why there are declines or increases in the number of infections. “If we see that people are not implementing the measures at all – and we can see this from this aggregated data – we see the reason why the intervention we want is not successful,” explained Wieler. You can buy the data anyway, “we only get it this time for free“. Wieler assumed that there would be repeated deliveries of such transaction data to the RKI.

The Federal Data Protection Officer Ulrich Kelber considers the measure in the chosen form to be justifiable. There is nothing to be said against the disclosure of the data for the purpose of health protection, according to Kelber.

Update from March 18, 4:11 p.m .: How reported, the Bundeswehr should help with the almost 60 kilometers long traffic jam on the border with Poland. According to the German Red Cross (DRK), those affected have to wait up to 20 hours for entry. Bundeswehr soldiers therefore want to provide those affected with food, drinks and blankets.

Update from March 18, 3:03 p.m .: The number of fatalities is increasing in Germany 27. How reports, the victim, over 80 years old, comes from Baden-Württemberg.

According to this, the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Health received a further death on Wednesday morning from the State Health Office (LGA). As well as reported that the patient was a high-risk patient due to his previous illnesses.

The number of infected people is increasing worldwide, when will the long-awaited vaccine follow? Researchers could soon make their breakthrough. A Dietmar Hopp also plays a decisive role in this*.

Corona virus: border controls create “humanitarian situation”

First report from March 18, 1:47 p.m .: Berlin – The Corona virus* spreads in Germany and the world, the measures taken are intended to slow the rapid spread of the virus. The Polish Border controls now provide for one Mega traffic jam.

Corona virus in Germany: mega traffic jam at the Polish border

At the border crossing Ludwigsdorf at Gorlitz is the traffic jam due to the polish Border controls continued to grow. According to the police, trucks and cars are stowed on the Wednesday on the Autobahn 4 to the exits Uyst and Burkau over a length of around 60 kilometers. The police had started to block all the access roads on the A4 from Bautzen to Görlitz, it said.

That was to supply the thousands of people waiting in a traffic jam German Red cross in the night with around 90 helpers in use. “In our view, it is a humanitarian situation,” said DRK spokesman Kai Kranich on Wednesday. Sometimes people would be stuck in traffic for up to 20 hours, including many families. Because a lot of Polish Nationals, due to the current Situation, back to their home country* travel, there is now this enormous “travel wave”.

Corona virus: border controls lead to “humanitarian situation”

As DRK spokesman Kai Kranich explains, there are none Toilets and no food supply. “We distributed hot and cold drinks and blankets because the night was cold.” The DRK could help overnight, but not in the long run. A solution to the “huge problem” had to be found quickly, Kranich demanded.

since Tuesday noon the Technical Relief Organization (THW) is also in use. Traffic and rescue routes were kept clear, as was the order of the police Cars pulled from the traffic jam and escorted to the border, said a spokesman for the THW on Wednesday.

Corona virus: Berlin and Austria are also taking measures

In Berlin, the police intervened in bars and at a school, and several people became infected in a club. Austria is also not spared from the corona virus. Popular winter sports resorts in particular are completely quarantined. In addition to drastic measures, there are also fines. In the meantime, burials in Corona times are becoming more and more lonely: “The size of the funeral society is massively restricted”

The economy is on a downward slide as a result of the corona virus. But the stock market values Dax and Dow-Jones really a suitable gauge?

There are far too few respirators in Germany. According to a manufacturer, the fault for this should also lie with the Ministry of Health and Minister Jens Spahn.

* and are part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

List of rubric lists: © dpa / Daniel Reinhardt

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