Cinemas Baffled by Disney’s Decision to Stream New Pixar Movie | NOW

European cinemas have according to Deadline responded with disbelief and bewilderment to Disney’s plan for the new Pixar movie Soul first on the streaming platform Disney +.

The animation and family film Soul was set to hit US cinemas on November 20, but Disney has pulled the film off its publishing roster and decided to offer the title on its own streaming platform in the United States and other countries from December 25.

Disney did this once before: it was the movie at the time Mulan which skipped the cinemas and ended up directly in the living rooms.

A spokesman for the International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), which represents the interests of cinemas in nearly 40 European countries, said Disney is doing the cinemas anything but a favor.

“Cinemas have invested heavily to provide visitors with the safest possible cinema experience, based on the release dates of new films. But once again, a distributor packs a punch.”

Coronavirus hits cinemas hard

Cinemas worldwide are suffering from the consequences of the fight against the corona virus. Last week, the major cinema chain Cineworld decided to temporarily close all its branches in the United Kingdom.

Soul will receive a cinema release in some countries and regions, including South America.


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