Capcom continues its momentum and completes an excellent first fiscal quarter

Trying to stop the insatiable appetite for Capcom may become a complicated task as the publisher impresses with its sales figures. Driven by an exceptional 2019-2020 fiscal year, the Osaka firm resumes its march towards the stars by signing a record first fiscal quarter (March 31, 2020 – June 30, 2020). A year that begins in the most beautiful way.

First of all, the turnover total is 190 million euros against 144 million euros a year earlier over the same period. The net profit, him, passes from 43 million euros to 62 million euros. There is no doubt that covid-19 and containment have had a significant impact on these rather eloquent figures. Overall, the video game industry has experienced this health crisis quite well, at least in the short term.

It is also relevant to underline that the digital sales from Capcom have increased by 53% during this first trimester. The Japanese publisher has considerably based its strategy on digital, which moreover represents nearly 80% sales during the last fiscal year, with a very telling target set at 90%.

Strong licenses

If Capcom is so healthy, it is above all thanks to its games. The very good student Monster Hunter World reach new heights with 16 million copies sold. Son extension Iceborne, meanwhile, accounts 5,8 millions of copies passed. Performance that allows the license Monster Hunter to cross the bar of 64 million games sold.

We could give him the place of the dunce but despite the figures which appear to be disappointing, Resident Evil 3 Remake still identifies at June 30 2.7 million shares distilled around the world, including 2 million in 5 days. This is still less than the 4 million sales of Resident Evil 2 Remake but is more than enough for Resident Evil joins the very closed club of licenses to more than 100 million games sold.

These results bode well for the future for Capcom, which seems to aspire to even more digital sales in the coming years. We hope to hear from them soon with a Resident Evil Village which promises to be daunting!

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