Bossi comments on her father’s complaint … I always help him

The actress Bossi responded to what was circulated during the last period because she abandoned her father and did not pay for his treatment expenses based on the video in which he appeared talking about his suffering with the disease and her refusal to help him.

Actress Bossi’s comment on her father’s complaint about not helping him:

While the artist Bossi confirmed that she was not late to her father in anything and always provided assistance to him and indicated that she is being subjected to a smear campaign of her image in front of the public, as her father is exploited in that matter.

She also spoke about the attack that she was subjected to on social media, and said that she does not believe what is happening and stressed that she is not late to her father and is carrying out all his requests and that she sends an amount of money, before he goes out to speak in the media two days earlier.

The artist Bossi indicated that the public sympathizes with one party without looking at the other party and knowing the truth, while confirming that she is wronged and not her father, and that every person is attacking her now and does not stand with her or talk about her, when she is going through a great ordeal.

Her father also did not support her. On the other hand, journalist Amr Al-Laithi contacted Mohamed Shaaban, father of the singer Bossi, immediately after his plea that he wanted to have an operation in his eyes and that he could not manage the costs of treatment. One of the people.

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