Bonfires towards the town of L’Aquila, people on the street – Last Hour


(ANSA) – ROME, AUG 04 – Front of the fire that is widening and getting closer to the inhabited center, direction of the wind that is “pushing” the stake and people who have gone out on the street frightened, including citizens who start to provision for containment and contrast operations, constituting a problem rather than a support. It will be another night of passion and concern in L’Aquila for the fire, of malicious origin because triggers have been found, which is scourging the mountain in front of the populous district of Pettino and which is not under control. In Pettino there is the presence of many people in the street along via del Castelvecchio, via Sfrizzoli and others who are on the slopes of the pine forest: there are many who make films or photos. The effect of the flames, at night, is distressing.

The stake is clearly visible from every part of the city. Just as the acrid smell of smoke is felt even from a distance.

Given the situation that is emerging, there is no certainty that the fire lines can stand one hundred percent. In this sense, there is fear that the flames could reach the area of ​​Madonna Fore and San Giuliano, very popular with L’Aquila, already hit by the devastating pyre of 2007. Especially because the operations for switching off with canadair and helicopters will resume tomorrow at 6 am.

According to what has been learned, about 300 people are working on the Aquila front and on that, which must however be monitored because it is not tamed, flared first in the hill overlooking the Aquila area of ​​Arischia. On site in addition to the police, civil protection, volunteers, army, law enforcement and local police.

Meanwhile, investigations and an investigation to identify the arsonists are continuing. (HANDLE).


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