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[The Epoch Times, 11 gennaio 2023](Collected and reported by Epoch Times reporter Li Yingying) At present, the United States is facing a serious crisis.Bird fluepidemic, which led toCaliforniaand across the countryeggSupply shortages also had an impactrestaurantBusiness.

bay areaA little bit ofrestaurantThe operator said a box of 15 dozeneggPrices, compared to mid-2022, have more than doubled and now pay more than $100 per case.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the price of eggs increased more than 280% year-over-year through November.

Morning Wood in San Mateo spends more than $1,000 a week on eggs because they serve eggs in almost every dish.

Chef and restaurant partner Chad. Chad Kaneshiro, always pay attention to the price of ingredients. “When we first opened five years ago, eggs were $19 or $20 a case, and now they’re $112 a case at Costco,” he said.

Canesiro estimates that the cost of eggs to make a batch of matcha mochi has increased 500 percent since the restaurant opened, and that margins on sales of the staple have become slimmer than pancakes.

Sergio, the chef and owner of Spanish restaurant La Marcha Tapas Bar. Sergio Monleón said the price of eggs has soared, from $20 a carton last year to more than $110 in recent days.

“Eggs used to be a cheap thing. Now we have to rethink and increase the prices on our menus,” said Monleon, who has also considered charging for egg-based sauces that were once free.

“It’s something to consider until egg prices come down,” Monleon said.

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Six months ago, Altovino’s chef and owner, Nick. Nick Kelly bought a carton of eggs for $56, but his December order was $106 a carton.

“We are considering making small adjustments to our restaurant pricing over the next few weeks to keep up with the situation,” Kelly said.

CaliforniaDavis University (UC Davis), Morris Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine. Petsky (Maurice Petesky) said it is difficult to predict when the egg shortage will end: “The current epidemic lasts longer than before.”

Petsky explained: “When detected in a flockBird fluTo prevent the spread of the virus, these chickens will be slaughtered. Since early 2022, more than 49 million chickens in 46 U.S. states have been culled due to the virus, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Replenishing a farm’s stock of laying hens can be a lengthy process. A typical commercial hen will begin laying eggs of acceptable quality around 25 weeks of age, and the demand for these eggs is in the tens of thousands to millions. “

“We’ve had bird flu outbreaks over and over again, and in 2014 and 2015 we had very large outbreaks. This time we’re dealing with the same level of virus infection across North America,” Petsky said.

Egg price trends are hard to predict, Petsky said, as market supply, global trade and the unpredictable spread of the avian flu virus continue to collide. But he doesn’t expect egg prices to drop anytime soon. ◇

Responsible editor: Song Jiayi

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