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On October 19, the 20th International Bach Chamber Music Festival will start with the concert “Name for Young People” in the Small Guild. On the opening night with Johann Sebastian Bach’s two Sonatas, Tomas Antonio Vitaly Chacon and Igor Stravinsky’s “Italian Suite” from the ballet Pulchinella, sister and brother – violinist Madara Liepina and pianist Daumants Liepins will perform. Rūta Paula met with Madara Liepiņa.

Madara feels honored that they have both been invited to play here again and remembers how happy she was to play with her brother at this festival four years ago:

“That feeling is back! It’s nice to be back home after three years of absence in Italy, where I studied, and to rediscover this festival!

Drawing parallels with the previous festival, we then began our program with JS Bach’s First Sonata for Violin and Piano, this time continuing with the Second and Third Sonatas. In my opinion, Bach is a universe where everything can be found, it is the basis, the creation of the world… Vitali Chakona is my gift from Italy, because Antonio Vitali has been a teacher for another Italian composer, which in my opinion no one in Latvia knows – Evaristo Feliče dall ‘ Abako. The Conservatory of Verona, where I study, is named after him. So I felt obliged to bring something directly from Verona. Let’s end the program with I. Stravinsky’s “Italian Suite”, which will feature the composer’s jokes, a small interpretation of Italian music, based on J.B. Pergolesi Trio sonata themes. That’s why there’s another parallel to ancient music. ”

In the conversation – about a sister and brother duo, in which they understand without words, complement each other with their differences in character and temperament, and in which Madara still feels the brother’s strong shoulder. Also for a violin duet RoMa, in which Madara plays together with her teacher, a professor at the Verona Conservatory, as well as conductor, composer and future husband Roberto Mutton, with whom he discovered, got acquainted and played several unknown opuses of Italian masters, organized master classes. Further musical and pedagogical plans in Latvia, which have been developing and maturing since September, are also outlined.

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