Austria reports first cases in Tyrol | TIME ONLINE

In Austria, two people in the state of Tyrol got involved with the coronavirus
infected. Another test
was positive, said a spokeswoman for the state health authority. According to media reports, it is
by two 24-year-old Italians from Lombardy who are in Innsbruck
Life. Those affected would have themselves at the control center
reported after experiencing symptoms of illness
have. Lombardy is the focus of the
Coronavirus outbreak in Italy. The Landesklinik Tirol wants on
Inform about details in the afternoon. In Croatia there is now also a first confirmed coronavirus case, as Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic announced.

In Italy The coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 spreads further – also to the south of the country. According to regional president Nello Musumeci, there is now a first case on the island of Sicily. The patient is a woman from Bergamo in the northern, particularly affected region of Lombardy, who tested positive in the Sicilian provincial capital, Palermo. The result has now been sent to Rome for further confirmation. The woman was traveling with a group as a tourist.

The South Tyrolean governor Arno Kompscher reports something similar. He spoke of a first probable case in his region. The second test was positive for a man from Terlan who had previously been in Lombardy. A third test should now finally confirm the case.

Health ministers meet in Rome

In addition to the particularly affected regions of Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont and Lazio, Italian media are also reporting a first case in Tuscany. In a short time, Italy has become the largest focus of the new corona virus in Europe. So far, the authorities have identified 230 infections with the causative agent of the lung disease Covid-19, and seven have so far died. In Lombardy, which was particularly hard hit, ten municipalities in the province of Lodi were declared restricted zones. There security guards control who is allowed in and out.

Also a
Refugee rescue ship was quarantined in Italy under two weeks. The 32-member crew of the Ocean Viking may as
Precautionary measure not on board, said the spokeswoman for the
Aid organization SOS Mediterranee, Barbara Hohl. The
The ship has been isolated since Sunday and lies in front of the port in Pozzallo
Sicily, The more than 270 migrants saved are on land
quarantined, said Hohl. Why not the crew on land?
was isolated, they are unclear.

In the afternoon there is a meeting of the Italian Minister of Health with his colleagues from Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, Croatia and France because of the coronavirus outbreak. EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides is also traveling Rometo exchange their information about the epidemic and to advise on possible measures.

Hotel affected with hundreds of guests in Tenerife

The Italian authorities receive support from a team of experts from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). This indicated that, according to current data, four out of five infected people experience little or no symptoms. And the ECDC currently assesses the risk of infection with the virus for Europeans as “low to moderate”. The center assesses the risk as “moderate to high” that cases such as those currently occurring in Italy are also accumulating elsewhere.

Hundreds of guests are allowed to stay for the time being due to a suspected case on the Spanish holiday island of Tenerife
not leave their hotel. The hotel is under “sanitary control”,
but was not quarantined, said a spokeswoman for the
local health agency. Around 1,000 tourists are affected by the measure, according to Spanish television. at
 the suspected case is an Italian one
Hotel guest who tested positive for the virus on Monday. Currently
 will be on the result of a second virus test of the Italian
waited, said the government spokeswoman. This will probably “on
 Afternoon or evening “.



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