Apex Legends: Patch Notes for Season 5

Season 5 of the Battle Royale Apex Legends is finally at the start. MeinMMO tells you what’s in the update and what you need to know about the new content and the new Battle Pass.

What’s in the update? Today, May 12th, shortly after the scheduled time around 7:15 p.m., the update for Apex Legends for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One went live. Stuck in the update:

  • a rework for Mirage
  • the new season 5 for Apex Legends
  • a new Battle Pass with 100 levels
  • Season 5 content: New legend, changed map and new game mode
  • several bug fixes and adjustments

The map also changes. Where Skulltown was originally located in King’s Canyon, there is now a construction platform after this part of the map collapsed. Along with the rework, “Charge Towers” ​​appear on the card, the use of which charges your Ultimate.

How big is the update? The size of the update is approximately 9GB.

Mirage gets rework

As one of the highlights and for some players the highlight of the update is the rework of the legend Mirage. Mirage was previously seen as a weak character by playersbecause his skills were rarely useful.

Mirage gets a rework.

How Mirage Changes: Mirage receives an improved kit of skills:

  • Psyche Out (tactical ability): Mirage can control his reflection. During control, it mimics each of Mirage’s activities. The reflection lasts 60 seconds
  • Now You See Me … (passive): Mirage will now disguise itself when he is struck down, when he uses a resuscitation station and when he revives a team member who is also camouflaged
  • Life of the Party (Ultimate): Mirage creates several mirror images that imitate him. They last for 60 seconds
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What do players say? No one has played the new Mirage yet, but the changes themselves seem to have impressed fans.

in the official reddit post for the update is the top comment from Playbook420, which writes: “MIRAGE-MAINS RAISES YOU, HOLY SHEEP”.

Season 5 Update – Patch Notes

This is the new legend Loba: The new legend Loba was announced in advance with its own trailer. She is a thief whose skill kit is built around finding and tearing objects.

Loba herself has a past with the legend from Season 4, Revenant. Revenant killed her father and Loba now seeks revenge. You can buy them for 750 coins (around € 7.50) or 12,000 Legend Tokens in the shop.

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This is in the Battle Pass: The Battle Pass has 100 levels, with which you can already unlock 25 via a bundle. For the purchase alone you already get the legendary “retrofitted” skin for the Hemlock and three new rare skins. Level rewards include:

  • Weapon skins
  • Skydive emotes
  • Apex packs
  • Music packs
  • Legend skins and more

The Battle Pass itself costs 950 coins (around € 9.50), the bundle with 25 levels costs 2800 coins (around € 25). To climb levels, you have to complete challenges as usual and gain experience. In the free path of the Battle Pass there are:

  • the “Huntsman” skin for Loba
  • 5 apex packs
  • Victory tracker for season 5 for all legends

We have included the trailer for the Battle Pass with some of the content here for you:

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This is the new PvE mode: “Broken Ghost” is the new PvE mode that you can unlock or buy in Apex Legends. Every day you can collect treasure chests in the Battle Royale, with which you can unlock a total of nine PvE missions.

In the missions you will learn more about the background story of various legends as well as the story about Apex Legends and fight against beasts that have already appeared in Bloodhound’s hunting event.

PvE mode is one of the reasons why season 5 will be the most exciting season so far for MeinMMO author Jürgen Horn.

What else is changing? In addition to the innovations, there are several changes to legends and weapons. For example, the Mastiff becomes a regular, weaker weapon that can be found everywhere and the Peacekeeper comes in a gold variant in the drops.

You can find the full patch notes on the Apex Legends official website.

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