Amazon rolls out hand-recognition payment service in New York

Palm recognition payment technology pioneered by Amazon arrives in New York City.

Until then, technology was only available in Washington state, in Amazon Go, Amazon Books or Whole Foods stores (acquired by the American giant in 2017). It now extends to a boutique Amazon Go based in New York City, at the intersection of 11 West and 42nd Street, according to information from MarketWatch published May 10.

The principle of Amazon Go remains the same. After registering, all you have to do is run your palm over a reader as you enter the store, then go shopping. No need to touch anything except the products you buy. The amount is calculated automatically, and there is no checkout.

Data in good hands?

The American company says that its palm reader is protected by “multiple security checks”, without specifying the details. The palm images are encrypted and are not stored on the device, Amazon says. The technology is only available at the brand’s stores at this time.

With only 21 participating sites to date, Amazon One still has a long way to go before it hopes to integrate consumers’ daily habits. The expansion to New York City is expected to reach a new audience and could help Amazon convince other companies to buy its technology.

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