Alfredo Casero compared the Government with Chavismo: what he said

The humorist Alfredo Casero again attacked the government in office and criticized the lack of democracy. What the controversial artist said

The humorist Alfredo Casero He again lashed out at the government in office and criticized the lack of democracy.

Based on the recording made by the three officials, Casero explained that “they recorded because it does not face them. We already recognize friendly journalists, which are the means that are going to tell them that it is cute and which that it is ugly. So, as is already clear and they know that anyone can come out to ask them something that is not due, they automatically cut it off. ”

“This that is happening is similar to what happened in the chavismo. It seems that I am saying something crazy, but you know about economics (the economist Claudio Zuchovicki, also present on Mirtha Legrand’s program) and you know the way in which a hellish economy like Venezuela was destroyed. The first thing they did: energy and health. Then start getting rid of people. Not only they, who are the officials I pay, who have to watch and have to give me their best, even through my representatives, who are the deputies and senators. They are silent. They make them vote in a clownish way, “said Casero.

Alfredo Casero compared the Government with Chavismo: what he said

In this sense, he referred to the crossing that the president of the Chamber of Deputies staged, Sergio Massa, and the opposition legislator Fernando Iglesias, during last Thursday’s session in the Chamber of Deputies. “(To the deputies) They silence them, as happened with Fernando Iglesias. If you or I have a problem, we have no one to turn to in Justice. The Justice she’s quiet. “

Alfredo Casero: strong statements

In this sense, he explained that “people often confuse republic with democracy, and also government with State. That was explained to me by my brother, who knows a lot. So, people think that the state is that government. The government is eventual, and we have an eventual government that is doing damage back and forth. All I want, beyond health, is that the democratic order and the republic be urgently restored. ”

And he added: “Later, we can talk about everything else, but if we do not have it working, the republic will disappear. The mentally ill say with their fingers what to do and what not to do. ‘You shut up, no You have crown, don’t make me lose my patience, “said a guy like Massa to a deputy. It’s like I say to you (looking at Juana Viale): ‘Eye, huh. You’re going to die, huh. If you don’t give me a ball you will also die, huh. Are you going to turn against me? ‘”

Finally, and with a critical effusive tone, the justice that exists in Argentina: “People are going to start sending the neighbor prisoner, as is happening now. If there is no Justice, and Justice does not get to work, it will happen like now that they lynch a guy and throw him into the fire (referring to what happened in Merlo last week). Because Justice is there to make men live in peace. We cannot live in peace if we do not have Justice or Congress. We cannot and do not have a republic. There is no other way but the republic. “

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