Active Cases of Covid-19 in Bantul Decreased, Now Only 111 People

Corona Virus Illustration. (Pixabay)

Based on data from the Bantul COVID-19 Task Force, confirmed cases of COVID-19 increased by three people. – Amount active cases of COVID-19 in Bantul slowly start decrease. It was recorded that as of Monday (10/18/2021) there were only 111 people left. Meanwhile, patients recover more than the addition of new cases in a day.

Based on data from the COVID-19 Task Force Bantul confirmed cases of COVID-19 increased by three people, then confirmed cases recovered nine people, while there were no additional deaths.

Thus the total cases positive for COVID-19 In Bantul, cumulatively since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, up to now there have been 56,867 people, with a recovery rate of 55,192 people, while the number of deaths due to the corona virus remains at 1,564 people.

Meanwhile, the number of active COVID-19 cases or patients who are still undergoing isolation or quarantine in shelters and hospitals in the Bantul area as of Monday (18/10) is only 111 people.

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The isolation cases were spread across 16 of the total 17 sub-districts in Bantul, with the most from Banguntapan 15 people, while the lowest was from Imogiri and Pundong, each with one person. There is one sub-district, namely Pandak, which has zero cases.

The Daily Chair of the Bantul COVID-19 Task Force Joko Purnomo said as part of efforts to accelerate the realization of communal immunity, the Bantul Regency Government in synergy with the TNI/Polri continues to intensify vaccination with the hope of being 100 percent complete by the end of 2021.

However, Joko, who is also the Deputy Regent of Bantul, invited the community to jointly break the chain of the spread of COVID-19 by always implementing clean and healthy living behavior (PHBS) in daily life.

“The discipline of implementing the 5M health protocol, namely wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, and reducing mobility,” he said.

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