A mysterious object in the center of the galaxy emits radio signals. We haven’t seen anything like it before, astronomers say

This strange object has been observed since last year by scientists from universities in Sydney, Australia and Wisconsin, USA, who have published the results of their research in a professional journal. The Astrophysical Journal.

A new type of space entity

Intensive research has led scientists to observe the phenomenon with a telescope from around the world, but no clear information has been given as to what source of the radio signal it is.

“In early 2020, we caught an unusual type of radio wave coming at us from the center of the galaxy.” said the study leaders.

“This signal kept turning on and off, and it strengthened a hundred times over a period of time and then weakened a hundred times over.” commented on the nature of radio waves.

The researchers further noted that the unknown nature of the source and radio signal can only mean that is this object “A new type of space entity”.

According to astronomers, objects in space are mostly stable in terms of human time scales. That is, when they are seen outside our planet objects that change, called variables, become the center of their interest.

The radio signal under investigation has “Very high polarization”, which is something extremely rare. High polarization means that the signal fluctuates in only one direction, but it rotates over time.

The mysterious nature of the source

The object needed to be observed with a telescope from different parts of the world, so several countries took part in the research. Canada, South Africa, Spain and France, among others. From all these and many other parts of the world, this source has been observed.

It was named ASKAP J173608.2-321635, according to the coordinates at which the scientists managed to locate it.

According to researchers, it is not a pulzar (the rest of an exploding star) or a red dwarf. Both of these suits have polarized radio sources, but none of them corresponds to the mysterious nature of ASKAP J173608.2-321635.

Now scientists are placing their hopes in the Transcontinental Radio Telescope Square Kilometer Array, which “Will create sensitive sky maps every day”, to find out what this mysterious object really is.

Source: The Independent

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