A beach chair for Arabs? We are full. For the white French, he is also in the first row

The organization SOS-Racisme carried out an experiment in luxury resorts on the Côte d’Azur. She recorded on hidden cameras how employees of private beaches treat different-looking guests differently. The newspaper drew attention to the case The Guardian.

The organization first sent a couple of “North African looks” to the site. When he asked the attendant for sunbeds, she told them they were out of luck and they were all reserved. A moment later, however, a white-skinned couple arrived at the scene. They offered them places. And even the most lucrative – first of all, right by the sea.

Activists claim that even those whose names sound foreign have a problem with booking. “When I performed under an African-sounding name, the place was full. When I called back and gave the French name, surprisingly there were still places,” one of them told Le Monde.

SOS-Racisme, which has been carrying out similar operations undercover since the 1990s, claims that up to a third of private beaches in the French resorts of Juan-les-Pins and Antibes are committing illegal discrimination.

This is not only a matter of beaches, but also, for example, bars. According to the organization, up to two-thirds of nightclubs and bars in the cities of Marseille and Aix-en-Provence choose customers based on their origin.

“We found that discrimination can be based on clothing, skin color, physical appearance and a person’s origin. This way of life is unjust and cannot be tolerated,” Karima Slimani from the branch of the SOS-Racisme organization in Nice told France 3 television.

According to the activists, public authorities are to blame for not being able to effectively prevent manifestations of racial discrimination. They are going to take legal action against the management of beach resorts, where they found unfair treatment of guests.

The National Advisory Committee on Human Rights last month issued message about racism in France. According to her, French society is becoming more and more tolerant, but prejudices against certain communities, such as the Roma or Muslims, still persist.

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