Review of Get Rich With Options Book

I have been trading options for a few years and gradually discover that I can make profits in any market, whether up, down or sideways. My trading results were mixed after reading a few options trading books. I was looking for consistency in revenue generation on a monthly basis, achieving a higher profit percentage and a higher probability in winning deals. So I started looking for another book or another course that could teach me how to achieve my investment goals. I attended a seminar on trading options on the proposed course. However, I found that it was just not what I was looking for; they just gave a glimpse of all the strategies with historical examples, similar to what I've already learned and read in books. I have not enrolled in any of the courses because the cost was too high and I am not trying to hone my business skills, it's a real mess. I was serious about my investment goals and wanted to see better results. I went cybershopping on and stumbled upon Lee Lowell's book "Get Rich With Options". In this book, there are so many hidden treasures that make me smile. In this book you will find information on:

  • Basic options include: call, purchase options, pricing, volatility, stock versus options, put options

  • Four surefire strategies to save you a lot of money. Another bonus strategy that Lee uses exclusively when trading in the New York Mercantile Exchange booths (NYMEX)

  • Get Ready for Business: Tools, Value Websites, Broker Selection and Commission Structure

After reading this book, I discovered that of all option strategies, there are only a few that offer a high probability of profitability and consistent profitability. It's not as difficult as I thought before. I like to recommend this book, which he must read to novices, to experts who want to take seriously the trading of options and take it to the next level. This book must be placed on the library of each options trader. The author takes a complex idea or strategy and explains them simply and concisely step-by-step. Lee was once a professional options trader on NYMEX. After leaving the room, he started and currently runs his own home trading business. The value of this book lies in Lee's perspective as a trader, one who has executed so many successful and highly profitable deals in order to survive in the tough NYMEX trading conditions. Two things that I like most are the honesty and clarity that Lee reveals his winning strategies and gives us insight into the ins and outs of a market maker. Lee also silenced critics of the title of his book, proving that his properly applied strategies would make everyone rich over time. The best thing to do is to make immediate profits by implementing your strategies. Thank God I found this book.