Pumas was electrocuted in the Victoria and does not walk; Rayos debuted with triumph

In Cougars They ask that the alarms not be lit by the bad start of the tournament, but the reality is that the cats do not walk, after losing 2-1 of visitors to Necaxa at Victory.

University students barely add a point of six disputed, coupled with half a week lost in the Cup, so the start of the year does not look anything encouraging for a team that without reinforcements, is far from being the squad that last semester finished third of the Table just behind Blue Cross Y America.

The Pedregal were too weighed by the absence of their scorer Carlos Gonzalez, who by injury could not be before the Ray, and, joined to the also hurt Juan Manuel Iturbe, college exhibited the short of his campus, since David Patiño he tried to rescue the game with the homegrown Brian Figueroa Y Adolfo Hernández in the second time, beyond that Felipe Mora he managed to tie the marker momentarily.

In as much, the necaxista set had a great debut in the Closing 2019 -as it has pending the Date 1 before America-, when obtaining a triumph as a local, in what was also the presentation of Guillermo Vázquez as your new coach.

At 15 minutes into the game, it was Necaxa the team that was put up on the scoreboard through Cristian Calderónwho took advantage of a rejection of Alfredo Saldivar to a shot of Martín Barragán to counterattack inside the area against the warm mark of the centrals, besides Andrés Iniestra He hung up enabling him.

It was up to the complementary part that Cougars managed to tie 76 'through Blackberry with a great header to cross to Hugo González, but the joy lasted very little to the felines, because at 82 ', the Argentine Brian Fernández scored the second and although the assistant referee had canceled it out of place, the play was reviewed in the VAR and the central judge of the meeting gave it as valid to be in the correct position.

In the last minute of compensation, Hugo González He was visited as a hero because with a great save he drew the equalizer Felipe Mora, that again had connected head but on that occasion did reach, to thus consummate the victory of Necaxa and a hard setback for College, that seems to suffer a lot in this tournament.