Jeff Bezos discovered for the first time since the divorce

Jeff Bezos

Leaving a private luxury jet

... the first view since the divorce

18.01.2014 15:24 PST

Jeff Bezos He has lied since the news of his divorce, but the richest man in the world still has places to go ... and he still travels in style.

The Amazon Honcho was first discovered since he announced he was divorcing his 25-year-old wife. MacKenzie, Jeff looked pretty cool when he boarded a luxury private plane in Seattle.

As we reported ... Jeff has announced him and his wife divorced After a probationary period, the breakup did not work and Bezos' relationship with the TV presenter Lauren Sanchez allegedly played a big role in the decision.

Jeff's $ 137 BILLIONS are at stake, though, because we've found out that he and MacKenzie I have no precaution, It seems they share the incredible fortune in the middle.

Reckon with the Right, and $ 68.5 billion should still be enough to travel on private jets ... but maybe not so big.