Dallas Cowboys: Five Possible Candidates for the Dallas Cowboys Next Offensive Coordinator

Offensive coordinator Scott Linehan's official split on Friday gave hope to those who demanded a more creative cowboy offense.

However, it is recommended to pump the brakes a bit.

The offense does not come from an offseason that looks like the Rams, the Saints, or the Chiefs. There will probably be more movement ahead of the snap, some shorter development routes, and more opportunities for Dak Prescott to use his feet.

But keep in mind that Jason Garrett is still leading the show and choosing someone to share his offensive principles.

Here are five possible candidates for the next offensive Cowboys Coordinator:

1. Doug Nussmeier

The current coach of the Cowboys is the favorite that is triggered by OC. Nussmeier has experience in the college game and has served as an offensive coordinator for Washington, Alabama, Michigan and Florida for the past 10 years.

In his press conference at the end of the season on Monday Garrett was very impressed by Nussmeier's first season, in which he coached the close success of the cowboys.

"Nut did a really good job," Garrett said. "He's had a lot of different coaching experiences, he's been training at different levels, training different positions, just a really good footballer, he's played in the NFL, so he has a good understanding and gets on well with the players."

2. James Coley

The University of Georgia's Offensive Coordinator was an offensive assistant to the coaching staff of Nick Saban in Miami Dolphins. Also on the staff: Garrett, Linehan, Derek Dooley and Hudson Houck. Coley would familiarize herself with Garrett's coaching style and some other aspects of the college game. Prior to Georgia, Coley was an offensive coordinator in the state of Florida and then in Miami.

3. Dan Campbell

The close coach of the New Orleans Saints and his assistant head coach played a hard end to the cowboys between 2003 and 2005. From 2011 to 2015, he was the close Dolphins coach before becoming interim coach of the team. Campbell has been with the Saints since 2016 in his current role. New Orleans finished third this season with an error of 31.5 points per game. If the cowboys hired Campbell, they would have to wait until after the playoffs. The Saints host the Rams in the Sunday NFC Championship Game.

4. Kellen Moore

The former Cowboys substitute quarterback was named QB coach last season. The former Boise State Star is unlikely to be transferred to OC, but Moore has been praised for having an outstanding offensive spirit.

5. Sanjay Lal

Before Lal became the broad cowboy receiver trainer last season, Lal has been training receivers for Raiders, Jets, Bills and Colts for the past nine years. Like Moore, Lal would bring continuity, since both are familiar with the roster and the staff.

Does not happen...

Tony Romo or Jason Witten. Both have not only very lucrative, high-profile TV jobs, but also no experience in coaching. If Romo or Witten wants to switch directly from the broadcasting station to an NFL staff member, they probably need to start as a position coach before becoming an offensive coordinator. It would not make sense for Garrett to do that kind of exercise while training in Dallas last season.

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