Amazon would throw millions of new items, unsold on its market place?


The American online trade giant Amazon would throw millions of new items, unsold on its market place? This is in any case what the magazine "Capital" on M6, Sunday night, intends to demonstrate. In a report, a journalist from the channel shows how he managed to get hired as a warehouseman in one of the warehouses of Amazon, Saran (Loiret), to film the practices of the company. In particular large containers for the destruction of objects of all kinds: diapers, coffee machines, televisions, toys etc.

The journalist, who also collected the testimonies of several former employees, reveals the clauses contained in the contracts between Amazon's platform ("market place") and the third-party vendors it hosts and stores the products in its warehouses. .

On these documents, it is proposed to companies, in case of unsold, either to return their goods or to destroy them even if they are new, a legal practice though "revolting" denounces the issue.

Thus, in Chalon-sur-Saone (Saone-et-Loire), one of its smallest sites in France, 293,000 products were sent to scrap, almost all new, in just nine months, reveals the show presented by Julien Courbet, citing union sources. If we add up all the warehouses of the US giant, there are potentially some 3 million new products that would be thrown out a year, according to the report.

Contacted by AFP, Amazon France explains "strive to minimize the number of products that must be returned by (their) customers, in their interest as in (his)".

"For products that can not be resold, we work with organizations such as Donations and Food Banks to donate to people in need," says the company.

The report also shows, via images shot in the drone, the route of products thrown to incinerators or landfills, an ecological disaster denounced by "Friends of the Earth".