After the insulation of the attic, here is the heat pump to 1 euro

Combining various aids for modest households, a company offers to replace their fossil fuel boiler with a heat pump at very low cost. The Minister of Ecological Transition is to inaugurate this Friday the first installation project.

Two months ago, Prime Minister Philippe Philippe wanted to eradicate oil boilers and announced the introduction of a conversion bonus. To encourage households to get rid of their old equipment, an offer to 1 euro is officially launched this Friday by Pact Energy Solidarity, a brand of the group Effy. Minister of Ecological Transition François de Rugy is to inaugurate the first installation project in Seine-et-Marne.

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The principle of this solution? Your oil boiler or inefficient gas boiler will be replaced by a heat pump. "On the other hand, we do not change the hydraulic system. The radiators are kept, "says Frédéric Utzmann, president of the group Effy. The company uses, for this operation, a technique supposed to allow up to 70% energy savings compared to a fossil fuel boiler. "The" air / water "technique works like an" inverted fridge ": we draw calories from the outside air to heat the domestic hot water and the heat needed to heat the house, explains Frédéric Utzmann. 70% of energy is free because it comes from outside.

Cost of transformation? Between 12,000 and 16,000 euros, deposit of old equipment and commissioning of the new included. The amount will be financed by a conversion premium and subsidy, "Living Better Agility", paid by the National Housing Agency (Anah), which grants financial assistance for conditional work to individuals in difficulty. The premium amounts to 2500 euros (against 2000 euros until then) for those who own a boiler with fossil energy (oil or gas) and 4000 euros (against 3000 euros) for the "modest" and "very modest" households (The resource ceilings are on page 8 and 9 of this Anah document).

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In total, about two million households are potentially affected by this Energy Solidarity Pact. To avoid scams, "these aids are paid after completion of the work, says Frédéric Utzmann. We are taking steps to collect this aid through the mandate entrusted to us by individuals and we are putting the sums forward to finance the work. Households pay only one symbolic euro.

This enticing cost is obviously reminiscent of solutions for insulating attics, cellars or basements and which have given rise to scams. Companies, saying they are mandated by the Ministry of Ecology, have approached individuals to offer them to develop their attic in order to make them achieve up to 30% energy savings.

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For the offer to a euro of insulation of the attic that his company launched in 2013, the president of Effy deplores a "hundreds of thousands" of complaints against crooks. "We do not solicit telephone calls," he promises. To benefit from our offer on heat pumps, individuals must register on the Internet. Modest populations are often the most vulnerable. We advise them not to follow up the canvassing. And to specify: "The completed projects are randomly checked on site by independent control offices". If its offer "insulation to one euro" is expected to exceed 100,000 beneficiaries in 2019, the group Effy hopes "a few tens of thousands by 2020" for heat pumps to 1 euro.