【World Cup】 Brazil beat South Korea to enter the top 8

[Notizie speciali Body Road]2022Yesterday evening the Hong Kong round of the World Cup took place in Qatar (5th)16In the strong knockout round, the bottom Asian team will represent South Korea against5champion of Brazil.Brazil performed bravely under the comeback of the main player Neymar, and scored in the first half4The ball, even though it was thrown into the “world wave” by South Korea’s Baek Seung-ho in the second half, was still blocked41Victory, head held high to go to Croatia8Strong battle.

After battling against Uruguay and Portugal in the group stage, South Korea16Strong against Brazil, favorites to win the championship, thanks to that of Japan16Lost to Croatia in a hard battle, so South Korea also became the only seedling in Asia. South Korea has defense general Kim Min-jae back from injury in this battle and is out4-2-3-1In the lineup, Huang Renfan and Zheng Yourong are in defense, Huang Xican, who beat Portugal in the last game, and Son Xingmin and Lee Jae-sung are also in attack, and the center is Cao Guicheng. Brazil, who played on a rotational basis, ushered in the return of many key players, including Neymar who rushed to make a comeback and Real Madrid defender Miledao made a cameo in right goal.

Yunis Aos (photo: Twitter @FIFAWorldCup)

Yunis Aos (photo: Twitter @FIFAWorldCup)

Nima returned from injury in this fight.  (Photo: Twitter @CBF_Futebol)

Nima returned from injury in this fight. (Photo: Twitter @CBF_Futebol)

Following Nima’s return, Brazil regained its frontcourt organization. In 7 minutes, Brazil broke through the opponent’s defense with a short pass. Rafinxia gestured to the ground from the baseline on the right. Although control is average, he calmly shot to help Brazil take control. South Korea has not yet established its base and continues to be oppressed by the “samba army”. Zheng Yourong tried to clear the siege in the penalty area, but accidentally kicked Lie Chalichen, who intercepted the ball from behind, and the ball was aimed at the 12-yard mark. Neymar, who took the lead, opened Brazil up 2-0 in 13 minutes, as well as “breaking the fast” at this World Cup, he also scored his 76th international goal, just one goal off the record holder’s equaliser. .

Richardson (Photo: Twitter @FIFAWorldCup)

Richardson (Photo: Twitter @FIFAWorldCup)

Brazil coach Didi celebrates with his players.  (Photo: Twitter @fifaworldcup_es)

Brazil coach Didi celebrates with his players. (Photo: Twitter @fifaworldcup_es)

Bakita (Photo: Twitter @CBF_Futebol)

Bakita (Photo: Twitter @CBF_Futebol)

South Korea struggled to keep the ball underfoot in their frontcourt,17In the second minute, Huang Xican tried to put a sniper shot into the penalty area, the quality was good but it was blocked by goalkeeper Alison.29South Korea lost again within minutes: after Lie Chalichen got rid of the defender with his personal skills, he passed him to Thiago Shihua through Marquinnus.307A few minutes later, Nima gave it to Yunnisos on the left.36Minutes hit and shoot meritorious service.At the end of the half, Charlie Chen had a one-handed chance, but it was a pity that he shot goalkeeper Kim Seung-gyu’s right foot, and Brazil took the lead all the way. ‘interval40

(Photo: Twitter @fifaworldcup_es)

(Photo: Twitter @fifaworldcup_es)

Bai Shenghao exploded in the

Bai Shenghao burst into the “World Wave”. (Photo: Twitter @fifaworldcup_es)

Brazilian legends Ronaldo, Kafu, Carlos and Li Huadu watched the team win.  (Photo: Twitter @FIFAWorldCup)

Brazilian legends Ronaldo, Kafu, Carlos and Li Huadu watched the team win. (Photo: Twitter @FIFAWorldCup)

South Korea ushered in a golden opportunity after switching teams, Sun Xingmin47Within minutes he spun from the left and got a kick, but unfortunately it was saved by Alison. Brazil, who were far ahead, tried to count the shots, after teaming up with his teammates, Rafinxia shot the wave to the ground with his left foot, then shot with his right foot from a tight position , but both times they failed. Then South Korea69In the second minute, a pass was made from the left, Huang Xican volleyed into the penalty area, Elison blocked and then hit Cao Guicheng who fell to the ground, Sun Xingmin made two extra shots and was blocked by the defender .73A few minutes later, Brazil switched to Bimeya and played the back three. South Korea also had Lee Kang-in and Baek Seung-ho as substitutes, but the results were not effective. Korea inside76In the minute, Bai Shenghao kicks a free-kick from the right and, taking advantage of the Brazilian player’s rebound, Bai Shenghao volleys from the top of the penalty area and breaks through the net. In the final stage, Brazil sent another vice selection , including third goalkeeper Wayfaton, and Brazil also retained41From endgame to endgame, switch to Hong Kong time on Friday (9day) evening9against Croatia8Strong battle.

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