Ziggy Rozalski: Tomasz Adamek’s farewell fight only in Polsat, and the payment for charity

– It is supposed to be only a farewell, a performance for the show. And for something like this I sign up. Because if Tomek Adamek counts that he will fight with someone, it is unreal for me. And one more thing: the money he earns must be donated to some charity. And if he wants to do some business on it, I will quit this venture in a second – says in an interview with Interia Ziggy Rozalski, the famous advisor to the most popular Polish professional exponents, Andrzej Gołota and Tomasz Adamek, before the final farewell to “Góral” planned for next year “with the ring.

Artur Gac, Interia: Tomasz Adamek will fight a farewell fight in Poland?

Ziggy Rozalski, businessman and longtime advisor to Adamek and Andrzej Gołota: – That’s right, next year. Originally, the party was supposed to take place there, but the virus prevented it. I still have to agree everything with Mr. Marian Kmita from Polsat. But we will definitely be doing this last fight. Probably in May, June or July.

How do you imagine this duel?

– It’s supposed to be just a show. I think that Adamek could fight this fight with “Big Boss” from Polsat (owner of the station, Zygmunt Solorz – note AG), although I think that “Big Boss” could knock him out at the end. I would really be worried about Adamek, who is no longer suitable for boxing. He is left with the fishing rod and the fish.

Not suitable at the moment?

– Tomek has not been suitable for a long time. After the fight with Witalij Kliczka, I said that he shouldn’t be boxing anymore. He made a lot of money and this was the moment he should have left. And so he got a bit more in the head.

It is true, after Kliczka he was already set in life and had great sports successes. You said that this is the moment to take care of your computer, or head, as long as everything “works” well in it.

– Absolutely yes. Tomek achieved great success in both of these fields, but later … The greatest Polish champion in professional boxing at the very end made himself a small champion. Mateusz Borek “excited him”, threw money at him, and he didn’t need it for anything. Just a waste of health. Borek got him fights, and he was boxing and getting hit on the head.

So it can be said that if Tom is shown the argument in the form of money, then – colloquially speaking – he starts losing contact with the base?

– What you said now is one hundred percent true. At one point he forgot to press the reality button, only his head was buzzing with money.

Then why is it you now engaging in his farewell performance?

– As you said, this is only a farewell. In such a fight, Tomek can fight with “Big Boss” from Polsat, Mr. Marian Kmita, a businessman or even with an editor. This is supposed to be a show only. And for something like this I sign up. Because if he counts that he will fight someone, it is unreal for me. I will not get involved in such a concept. Then I would grab a fishing rod and use it to knock it out of his head. And one more thing…


– The money that Tom earns has to be donated to some charity.

It’s a great idea.

– And only for something like this. And if he wants to do some business on it, I will quit this project in a second and I will not even come to Poland.

Such a farewell, or a benefit performance if you prefer, sounds worthy.

– You know, you have to remember that “Big Boss” and the management of Polsat helped us the most in the boxing with Adamek and Gołota. So now let them decide what they would like to shape this farewell.

This is how I understand the idea of ​​saying goodbye to an athlete. Since for so many years fans have been buying tickets and traveling thousands of kilometers to watch their favorite, then this hero should give something of himself. That is, to give up the salary at all or to allocate the negotiated salary to a good cause. In other words: if I want to have a farewell party, I bet, not count on earnings.

– Editor, it can’t be otherwise. This is an absolutely necessary condition. I even claim that Polsat could indicate a charity on which Tomek’s account will be credited. Otherwise I will not allow him to this benefit, I will take his passport and he will not be able to leave the States.

Will Adamek go for it?

– He really has no choice. He’s gonna make himself … We know what, I won’t talk. He has to do that and that’s it. For so many years fans have invested in him, so now he has to do the right thing. It was the fans who made him, like Gołota, a great star, and Polsat guaranteed them a huge advertisement. I am really not joking: if the conditions I am talking about are not met, I will withdraw.

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