Zhongzheng Boiler takes over the first and second phase boiler projects of Changqing Co., Ltd. Yichang Base with its high technical level_TOM News

The technical level of the enterprise is a strong support for the service quality. With the customized heating system solutions, ZOZEN Boiler, a professional brand in the boiler industry, has taken over the first and second phase boiler projects of the Yichang Base of Changqing Co., Ltd., a leading pesticide enterprise. At present, the installation and commissioning of the first batch of ZOZEN gas-fired steam boilers and heat-conducting oil boilers have been completed and put into use.

The Zhongzheng gas-fired steam boiler that provides stable heating for the Yichang base of Changqing Co., Ltd.

Establish long-term cooperation, ZOZEN Boiler supplies boiler equipment for Changqing Yichang Base

Changqing (Hubei) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the fifth production base built by Changqing Co., Ltd., with a production capacity of 13,700 tons of pesticides and 8,500 tons of chemical products in the first phase, and 16,500 tons of pesticides and 20,000 tons of chemical products in the second phase. The production line For heating, Zhongzheng boiler equipment is selected. Previously, Zhongzheng Boiler and Changqing Co., Ltd. were related to the coal-to-gas steam boiler project of Yangzhou Headquarters Base, and the two parties established a friendly relationship of trust, laying a solid foundation for this cooperation.

In this cooperation, in addition to a SZS gas-fired steam boiler, ZOZEN boiler also provides gas-fired heat transfer oil boiler products. ZOZEN gas-fired heat-conducting oil boiler utilizes the characteristics of large heat capacity of the medium, which can provide low-pressure and high-temperature heating. On the premise of safe operation, it can meet the high-temperature heat demand of the production line. With the utilization of the waste heat recovery device of the boiler system, the heating efficiency can be increased to 95% % or more, creating more economic benefits.

ZOZEN Boiler took over the first and second phase boiler projects of Changqing Co., Ltd. Yichang Base by virtue of its high technical level

ZOZEN gas-fired heat-conducting oil boiler meets high-temperature heating process

The construction of Yichang base is an important part of Changqing’s enriching product structure and expanding production capacity. As the boiler supplier of this project, from the boiler room floor plan design, civil construction to on-site installation guidance, ZOZEN sent professionals to participate in the whole process, and provided professional technical support on the project site, which not only ensures the quality of the project, accelerates the project process, but also reflects an enterprise responsibility.

Not afraid of any problems, ZOZEN Boiler tailor-made heat transfer oil boiler solutions

The whole process of the project was not all smooth sailing. During the construction of the base, due to the change of the production process in the first phase, the heat consumption temperature increased to 310-315℃, and the heat consumption increased from 1.7 million kcal per hour to 3.5 million kcal, resulting in the investment of The load of the transported heat transfer oil boiler cannot meet the demand of the production line. On the other hand, the boiler room and the entire system pipeline have been laid according to the original project design plan. If conventional heat transfer oil boiler products are used, part of the pipe diameter needs to be replaced, and the transformation cost is high. In order not to affect the progress of the project, the user proposed to solve this problem under the premise of short construction period and few changes.

ZOZEN Boiler took over the first and second phase boiler projects of Changqing Co., Ltd. Yichang Base by virtue of its high technical level

ZOZEN Boiler’s Reasonable Design of Heating System to Solve Technical Problems

After on-the-spot investigation and technical exchanges, ZOZEN boiler engineers overcome the difficulties one by one with their high system design standards and rich experience. The customized heat transfer oil boiler with temperature difference and small flow rate adopts high temperature heat transfer oil as the heat transfer medium. At the same time, the changes to the boiler room piping are minimized, the oil supply system that was originally combined is divided, and the other boiler can use low-cost low-temperature heat-conducting oil, which effectively solves the problem and reduces the heat-conducting oil. , and submitted a satisfactory solution for Evergreen shares.

The technical level of ZOZEN Boiler has become a strong support for quality service. A series of professional rationalization suggestions have won the recognition of the leaders of Changqing Co., Ltd., demonstrating the technical strength and service spirit that a big brand should have, and establishing a trustworthy customer service. reliable image. It is believed that in the future, the cooperation between ZOZEN Boiler and Changqing Co., Ltd. will go further and further.


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