Zamalek responds to the news of the return of Bassem Morsi in the new season

An official source at the Zamalek club revealed that the news circulating about the existence of a proposal inside the Citadel of Mitt Oqba regarding the return of the former team’s striker Morsi, again, to the Citadel of Mitt Uqba, revealed that the club’s ball management did not show interest in the return of the former striker to the team in the new season, commenting on The news of the past hours.

Basem Morsi earlier expressed his complete satisfaction with the levels he presented during the last season, regardless of his primary or reserve participation during the course of the famous competition, and Bassem Morsi said: “Our Lord was gracious to being in the military production team, thank God for being among the league’s scorers’ list, the injury hindered me. At the beginning of the season, but my focus after Corona stopped and I came back stronger, and I also thank the loads trainer with whom I do solitary exercises other than collective exercises in Military Production.

Bassem Morsi added, “I have many performances during the current season, but in the end it is up to the Military Production Department to decide. I am currently focusing on the ball and my age is 28 years old and may we reward me now and the next is better.”

Bassem Morsi continued: “When I was breaking the world in military production for 8 years, I scored 10 goals, and the current season I presented a good season by scoring 8 goals.” Bassem Morsi assured: “As soon as I canceled the football, he hears my voice permanently, and I have no problem at all. System has completely changed my life, eating, drinking, and sleeping because I am focused in football only because I myself serve my country. I am at the best of my football life and I want to work and train and I have no problem that I train for 7 hours a day, I have no time left to waste more and currently take advantage of all A minute I play in league matches with El Entag El Harby and I have no problem sitting back up


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