YouTuber Kelly MissesVlog: Threatened by a stalker

Kelly never felt “cool” at school, as she remembers: “To be the one who is the center of attention. That was my perfect breakout. ”YouTube should finally change that. With small videos, she takes her fans into her life – and she has success. After graduating from school, social media becomes her full-time job – she doesn’t do any training or studies. But then something happens that shows her how dangerous it can be if you reveal too much about your life – a stalker makes life difficult for her.

It all starts quite harmlessly – when you move, Kelly also shows her followers a small section where you can see the surroundings. Kelly recalls: “I moved to Cologne and I did a room tour. As naive and happy with my content as I was, I simply showed a lot because I’ve never known it any other way and I just swung out of my window, somehow. And I was new to Cologne and I didn’t think anyone had seen the cathedral. “

Some followers actually counted roofs and rows of houses with the help of internet maps based on the brief view from their window. And lay in wait in the streets in question. The “digital Kelly” was no longer enough for them. And then suddenly a man is standing in front of her apartment. “I heard noises and coughs and throats. And then the doorbell started ringing. ”Kelly calls the police, who finally take the man away, but this stalker visit changes Kelly’s life forever.

You can see the whole story in the video.



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