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Like any entertainment business, streaming already knows about exclusivity deals, but unlike other industries, these aren’t that strict and open to new business options, after all it’s all about content. quick to consume. In the case of YouTube, there is no bigger star than PewDiePie, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, and that’s where he made history. However, it seems the time has come to expand and its number one destination is Facebook.

According to Forbes information, PewDiePie’s arrival on Facebook is imminent after it was confirmed to have struck a deal with Jellysmack, a content distribution company that recently transcended and has 125 million unique views. in his videos, the work of over 100 content creators. In this sense, Michael Philippe, co-founder of Jellysmack, celebrated the agreement and said: “I think it was a lot. It’s YouTube’s biggest content creator. It’s part of internet culture right now, which means we’re a cross-platform ecosystem, something that wasn’t like that years ago. “


PewDiePie’s arrival on Facebook doesn’t mean he’s leaving YouTube, as the streamer’s content will appear first on that platform, so everything will continue as it has been for the past few years. However, your videos will go through Jellysmack’s analysis and distribution to be placed on Facebook based on user tastes and from there it will be decided which ones have the most impact. Additionally, it has been reported that the first PewDiePie videos on Facebook will arrive later this month.

Finally, Philippe pointed out that unlike YouTube, Facebook offers better payouts for content creators and highlighted the work of Jellysmack considering that with the right tools and the right strategy, content creators can do good business with the platform.

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