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Advice to North Korean IT personnel to disguise their identity… Attempts to win housework contracts


North Korea is turning its eyes to cyberspace to earn foreign currency as the money line is virtually blocked due to international sanctions against North Korea.

Most of this money is spent on nuclear and missile development.

When the possibility of North Korean IT personnel forging their identities and targeting South Korean companies emerged, the government issued a joint advisory.

This is reporter Shin Hyun-jung.


An American software developer who introduces himself in awkward Korean and looks for work.

This is an introduction posted on a freelance developer brokerage site, and the author is alleged to be a North Korean hacker who disguised his identity.

As the level of sanctions against North Korea increases, North Korea is actively trying to earn foreign currency by hacking or stealing virtual currency.

There is even a caveat that not only foreign companies but also domestic companies have become targets.

“There was a case that a Korean who was trying to develop a speculative gambling (site) thought he was a foreigner and requested a North Korean agent. It can be very dangerous in terms of our country’s cyber security …”

North Korea’s IT workforce is estimated to earn hundreds of millions of dollars annually, and it is our government’s view that a significant amount of these funds are used for nuclear and missile development.

As it is directly related to our national security, the relevant ministries have issued a joint warning to North Korean IT personnel. It is second only to the United States in the international community.

“We checked the identity verification process on the job search platform beforehand. As a result, it was determined that it was possible for North Korean IT personnel to spoof their identity and receive jobs from domestic companies…”

North Korean hackers tended to look for work through social media by finding an account representative to carry out the identification process.

It also features online chat rather than video interviews and real-time access throughout the day.

The government has urged special attention, saying the act of exchanging services with North Korean personnel could be punished with up to three years’ imprisonment or a fine of up to 30 million won in accordance with the Inter-Korean Exchange and Cooperation Act.

This is Yonhap News TV Shin Hyun-jung. ([email protected])

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