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Confederation of trade unions, general strike, all-out struggle… The government “will act”


The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) condemned the government order to start operations for the general strike of cargo unions on the afternoon of the 6th and held multiple general strikes and simultaneous protests across the country.

As the government repeatedly emphasizes that it will respond decisively, the conflict between the two governments is expected to escalate further.

We connect journalists who are in the field.

Reporter Kim Ji-soo.


Yes, it is located near Uiwang Techno Park in Gyeonggi.

Today at 14:00 general strike and total struggle of KCTU was held here.

After the competition is over, vehicles are currently running on the empty road, but the four lanes of the road here were previously occupied by an estimated 5,000 union members by the union.

On the 13th day of the cargo union general strike, simultaneous demonstrations were held at 15 bases across the country, including Incheon and Ulsan.

The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions said, “The level of unreasonable oppression to neutralize the cargo union’s legitimate struggle is exceeding the level,” and “a consensus is expanding that this must be stopped.”

They claim that the government’s invocation of the business start-up order is an anti-constitutional and anti-working class policy.

Some 25,000 members of the construction machinery union also took part in the solidarity strike, which is expected to disrupt construction sites across the country.

The cargo union filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission against the government’s business start-up order and also filed a lawsuit against the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to cancel the provision of the order. start of business in Seoul Administrative Court.

In addition, the working community is focusing its efforts on maintaining the secure fare system and amending the law to recognize truckers as workers.

However, the government reiterated its intention to “deal with it resolutely” at the cabinet meeting held today at the Sejong Government Complex, saying, “The livelihood difficulties of people and industrial sites are increasing.”

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has set up an on-site investigation team to investigate whether or not 790 truck owners in the cement transport field have been issued an order to return to work.

Additionally, unions that have expressed plans to join the strike are raising eyebrows, saying they will work with law enforcement to ensure investigations and sanctions can be carried out in cases of wrongdoing, raising concerns that the confrontation will end. be prolonged.

Until now, this is Yonhap News TV Kim Ji-soo from the vicinity of Uiwang Techno Park. ([email protected])

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