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[해외축구] Leading Man City… EPL competition on fire


England’s professional football team Manchester City lead the Premier League with a big win over West Bromwich.

Even in the aftermath of Corona 19, with half the league in progress, the competition for the championship is more intense than ever.

This is reporter Kim Jong-yeop.


Man City went on away and defeated the baseline with Gundoan’s opening goal six minutes after the game started.

In the 20th minute of the first half, Juan Canselu scored an extra goal with a sensational take-up kick, and 10 minutes later, Gundoan took the defender’s ball to score another goal.

With scoring guns to Riyadh Mahrez and Raheem Sterling, Man City scored a 5-0 win over West Bromwich.

Man City, who has won seven consecutive league wins, climbed to the top of 41 points, outrunning rival Manchester United by one point to climb to the top.

Even in the aftermath of Corona 19, with about half of the league schedule, top-ranked teams are competing for victory more intensely than ever.

“There are still 19 games left. The Premier League is like a marathon. There are times when you lose and lose points, but you have to stay calm as when you fall to 12th place.”

Arsenal beat Southampton 3-1 and criticized their defeat in the FA Cup four days ago.

Arsenal gave Armstrong the opening goal in the first three minutes, but Pepe, Saka and Lacazette in turn shook the net and turned the game over.

Arsenal, who has recently been 5 wins and 1 draw in the league, has pushed it up to number 8.

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