Yeshima Ozera has become the market director of ‘Mars’ in the Baltic States

From September 2020, Yeshima Ozera (Yesim Ozer) has been appointed market director of Mars in the Baltic States, the company informs.

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Ozera has 23 years of professional experience in international companies and various international transactions. Ozera joined the Mars team 10 years ago as the company’s CFO in Turkey, Cyprus and Malta. She then held the same position in Italy, later becoming the company’s CFO in Central Europe, covering the Czech, Slovak, Romanian and Hungarian markets. Ozera currently holds the position of Baltic Market Director. She has also become a member of the Mars leadership team in Ukraine, the Baltics, the Balkans and the Adriatic, as well as Israel. Ozera has international experience gained by working in different national markets, leading diverse teamwork and driving the strategic growth of the company.

Ozera points out that he is pleased to see the commitment of the company’s Baltic team to overcome the current business challenges. Moving forward, the company will continue to explore the growth potential of the Baltic market by cooperating with customers.

As soon as the situation of Covid-19 allows it, Ozera will move to Riga, where Mars is headquartered in the Baltics, and will lead a team of more than 50 employees throughout the Baltics.

Mars is a family business with a history of more than a century. Mars operates in more than 80 countries and is headquartered in McLean (McLean), State of Virginia (USA).

Source: Publicity photo. Pictured: Ozera.

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