Yeliseev helps ‘Olimp / Venta 2002’ to become OHL leader with ‘hat-trick’

With Nikolay Yeliseev scoring three goals, the Olimp / Venta 2002 team won the Optibet Hockey League (OHL) regular season match on Sunday and became the tournament leader.

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“Olimp” / “Venta 2002” beat “Liepāja” at home with 4: 1 (1: 0, 1: 0, 2: 1), whose loss forced them to leave the first place in the table.

In the 12th minute after the throw, Jeļisejevs put the lead with the awkward side of the stick, but 20 minutes later Lauris Bajaruns doubled the dominance of the Rigans. Already in the 23rd second of the third period, after the pass to the goal, Yeliseyev scored 3: 0 in favor of “Olimp” / “Venta 2002”.

In the ninth minute of the third, Kristers Freibergs regained one goal with a light throw, but less than a minute and a half later, Jelisejev put in a “hat-trick” and regained the three-goal lead.

The Daugavpils “Dinaburgas” and “Zemgale” / LLU teams are currently in self-isolation, but Latgalians could return to the tournament next week.

Leading the tournament table with 15 points in nine matches is “Olimp” / “Venta 2002”, followed by “Liepāja” with 14 points in ten dues. The leading trio with 12 points in nine matches is closed by “Mogo” / LSPA, followed by “Zemgale” / LLU with ten points in six dues. The hockey school “Riga” has scored six points in nine games, three less is “Prizmai” / IHS, which has gone on the field nine times, while Daugavpils “Dinaburga” has been in four matches in four matches.

In the 2020/2021 season OHL plays “Mogo” / LSPA, “Olimp” / “Venta 2002”, “Zemgale” / LLU, Hockey school “Riga”, Daugavpils “Dinaburga”, “Prizma” / IHS and “Liepājas” .

Last season, eight teams played in the Latvian Super League, but in the 2020/21 season there will be one team less, because “Kurbads” will not play in the tournament.

The playoffs were not played last season, but “Olimp” was declared the winner of the local championship. The newcomer to the tournament won the decisive points after “Riga” did not come to the last match of the season with the “Kurbads” team.

With its success, the Olimp earned the OHL the opportunity to compete in the International Hockey Federation’s (IIHF) Continental Cup, but the international competition was canceled.

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