XBox Launching an Ultimate Game Pass Based on Cloud

It was announced recently that Xbox are planning to launch the ultimate game pass, which will be linked to the cloud. This will allow players to access 150 games on release, and they will be able to play them across a range of different devices. While there will undoubtedly be some big releases included on that list of 150 titles, there will also be other games available — and perhaps not such big names.


One example of this could be games that come from online casinos. As these games are relatively simple in comparison to most Xbox releases, the flexibility to boost the number of titles available using these would appeal to Microsoft for obvious reasons. Not only would it offer players a wider range of titles at a very minimal cost, but it could work out being financially prudent for both sides. Of course, the games set to be included haven’t been confirmed at this point, so there’s no guarantee that these titles will be available.


How will it Work


Xbox has already taken the first steps in the latest iteration of the console wars by revealing the price of the Series X. This comes before Sony has even revealed the cost of the PS5, which could go some way to influencing the price Sony is willing to attach to its own flagship console.


However, Microsoft has taken some bold steps by announcing that EA Play will be included in an Xbox Ultimate subscription. This is big news for players, as it will offer a much wider selection of games to enjoy when using an Ultimate subscription. The biggest question, though, is how will it work?


Well, it will basically work in a similar way to Netflix. Players will have access to a library of different titles and can choose one from there. The game will load and they will just start playing. The games themselves will make use of cloud computing to run. This means that even if the device you use doesn’t have a lot of power, as long as its internet connection is fast enough, you will be able to enjoy the game without any loss of quality.


Of course, it does mean there will be some tiny delays when playing games. If you’re playing a fast-paced shooting game, those delays could mean the difference between winning and losing. So, it’s important to have the fastest internet connection possible if you’re playing online against others.


What does this Mean for the Series X?


Well, it essentially means that cloud computing will play a much bigger part with the Series X than with any other generation of consoles. Players will be able to access a huge library of titles for a monthly fee. This could see the end of players actually purchasing physical copies of games. Part of the reason for this change is that Microsoft knows that subscription services are where the real money is. With a monthly subscription to play so many games, players will be constantly paying throughout the year. This means the company has access to a regular revenue stream, above and beyond the initial influx of revenue from the actual console release.


This could be why Microsoft will be selling Xbox game pass ultimate packages to players who don’t own an Xbox. This will allow for more and more users to subscribe to the service and use it on their devices. Because it’s not just limited to the Xbox, the pass gives Microsoft access to a much wider potential customer base. The ultimate game pass can actually be used on both desktops and Android devices.


Apple devices are restricted, which will lose Microsoft some market share, but with all of the other devices covered, there is still a potentially huge user base. The lack of accessibility on Apple devices is actually down to Apple rather than Microsoft, with the former commenting that every game that ever appeared on the streaming service would have to be checked before Apple would allow it on the store. As this would be a prohibitive move, Microsoft decided against offering the service to Apple users altogether.


Despite this small stumbling block, this should still be a very exciting period for gamers, whether they’re already Xbox users or not. It could even usher in a new post-console world, where all new game releases are distributed via the cloud primarily.

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