WWE SmackDown: The group identified as Retribution destroys the performance center and causes vandalism and riots

By Nicolas Lafferriere – POSTED ON 08/08/2020 AT 03:57

During broadcasts of Friday Night SmackDown via FOX, the strange group identified as RETRIBUTION appeared on the scene for the first time in WWE programming.

After the last commercial cut of the blue show, there was a backstage discussion between the superstars who starred in the main event. It was interrupted by a blackout and several officers who rushed the fighters out of the compound. Quickly, the cameras in the ring could see a group of hooded men armed with multiple objects entering from the public sector. It was about no one but RETRIBUTION, the group that was identified last Monday on RAW causing multiple electrical faults and vandalism outside the Performance Center.

The men and women with their faces covered were not long in causing disturbances throughout the compound. As commentators Michael Cole and Corey Graves escaped the area, RETRIBUTION began to destroy everything around him with spray paint, baseball bats, and even a power saw. The hooded men also did not skimp on physical damage, as they reached mess with various cameramen and recruits from the development territory. The blue show ended with the group celebrating in a ring destroyed by their acts of vandalism.

Fans start speculating on the superstars behind RETRIBUTION

The RETRIBUTION invasion quickly began a series of speculations on social media regarding the possible names that make up the group. Vannesa Bourne and Chelsea Green were among the women identified in the first instance. While among the male fighters Dominik Dijakovic and Tommaso Ciampa could be found. It should be noted that, so far, neither WWE nor the group itself have decided to reveal who is behind the hoods.

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