WWE Monday Night RAW: Coverage and Results for August 3, 2020

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The program begins with a blackout that lasts just a few seconds, but Tom Philips apologizes and ensures that the matter will be investigated.

Fight for the United States Championship

Apollo Crews vs MVP (with Shelton Benjamin and Bobby Lashley)

A second blackout occurs before combat can begin. MVP speaks a few words to Apollo, and a voltage drop occurs. MVP catches Apollo in a mataleĆ³n attempt, but Apollo reverses the position with bridge pin. A test of strength is produced that MVP elbows to the jaw, and Crews responds with whip, butt, and powerslam. New drop in voltage. Apollo padlocks his left shoulder, and MVP unleashes a forearm punch and kick to the chin. Apollo returns with a whip, but Shelton and Bobby pull MVP out of the ring. Apollo flies over all three with a suicide dive. Returning from commercials, MVP connects a facebuster and tries a German suplex, but Apollo responds with scissor kick and Powerbomb.
Winner: Apollo Crews via pinfall.

After the fight, Bobby runs to the riung to try to capture Apollo, but he sneaks away. In the backstage, he meets Charly Caruso, and tells him how happy he is to be able to tell his children that he is now the champion without any doubt. MVP takes the microphone and says he wants a rematch at SummerSlam.

Sasha Banks and Bayley they appear in the backstage to show a compilation video of their achievements, but it is interrupted by Asuka, which requires a claim. Shayna Baszler He appears next to them, and says he’s been waiting a long time for a chance. She gives Sasha a right hand and leaves.

Kevin Owens is delayed by IIconics, who ask him for a space to speak in his segment, but the Canadian excuses himself saying that he has already invited someone. He goes up to the ring and introduces his guest, Ruby Riott. He asks about how he feels after returning to a winning streak. Riott replies that he has dealt with people like the IIconics, but it was especially sweet to beat them the week before. Regrets that Liv Morgan was not there to celebrate with her. Kevin says he has a surprise for her, and it is Liv Morgan herself who steps into the ring. Kevin says she has known them for a long time, and that it is important that they put their differences aside. Ruby says that when they parted, she believed she could move forward, and vice versa, everything went backwards, and she realized how much she needed it. The IIconics appear, to tell you that you are fed up with all this cheap whining. Kevin proposes that they do a two-on-two match.

Liv Morgan y Ruby Riott vs The IIconics

Billie starts off with a lariat to Ruby, then kneeled him in the back. Tag Peyton, who continues to attack his back. Stomps and blows to the waist. Liv takes the tag and takes a missile dropkick, then dodges a Peyton tackle. Facebuster applies, but Kay cuts the count. Liv reverses with roll-up.
Winners: Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott via pinfall.

After the match, the IIconics attack Liv Morgan, but Ruby returns to the ring to help her friend.

Charly Caruso interviews MVP, to inform him that Apollo has accepted his challenge for SummerSlam. Shelton goes to MVP to ask for her help, since her Title 24/7 has disappeared.

Drew McIntyre goes out to the ring to say that only someone like Randy Orton it might be base to attack him after a bout. He says he did not have the advantage of having Evolution watch his back, but he is ready to prove that he was and is the chosen one, and that he carries a flame of passion for what he does that Randy will never have. Randy appears to tell him that he is already a millionaire, and that if he is here for something it is, and that is to hurt people and kick them in the head, which he will do at SummerSlam.

Ric Flair He meets with Kevin Owens, to tell him that while he has always bet on him, he is concerned that he is worrying much more about being a counselor to other people than about his own career. Kevin says he has done a lot of atrocities and wants to change his attitudes, try to become an example to follow, and be able to bring some good to the roster. Ric tells him that this seems silly to him, and he must worry about it. Kevin tells him that if he is so worried about his career, look at what he can do with Randy in a fight tonight.

Nia jax She goes up to the ring to say that she is sorry for her actions of the past week, attacking a producer. She says she apologizes for any weaklings in the ring, and offers to fight hand-to-hand with him. The producer says that due to these irreverences, she is suspended indefinitely without pay. Nia turns into a fury and knocks the producer down.

Fight for the WWE 24/7 Championship
Akira Tozawa vs Shelton Benjamin (con MVP y Bobby Lashley) vs R-Truth

Truth begins by dodging a Shelton lariat, then swapping neckbreakers. Akira appears to try to confront SShelton, but he gives her a superkick. Truth enters the ring to apply a scissor kick and heel kick. Benjamin counters with a Paydirt. The ninjas accompanying Tozawa distract Benjamin, and the Japanese ends Truth with the Super Senton Bomb.
ganador: Akira Tozawa via pinfall.

Shane McMahon appears from a basement where street fights are seen, and invites the public to watch WWE Underground the next hour.

Shayna Baszler vs Sassha banks (con Bayley)

Sasha begins with a palmstrike, but Shayna responds with a takedown and a shoulder key. She goes for a vertical suplex, but Sasha responds with a kick to the tibia. Bayley distracts Baszler, for Sasha to give him a facebuster and kick to the arm, which carries a key. Shayna punches her insides to get out, and lunges Sasha to the corner. Banks gets away with missile dropkick and dodges Kirifuda Clutch’s attempt. Asuka appears to attack Bayley, and then goes up to the ring to go after Sasha, but she takes the titles and runs to help her friend.
Combat without decision.

Asuka is interviewed in the ring, and says she wants a rematch against Sasha Banks at SummerSlam. Shayna says he will cheer for her, then dismember her and take the Championship away from her. Sasha tells him that she is ready to give him her rematch, and that she will face Bayley next week.

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