Windows File Recovery: Microsoft publishes data recovery tool

With “Windows File Recovery” Microsoft has expanded its collection of in-house system tools for Windows 10 with data recovery software. With the small command line program from the Microsoft Store, files and documents that were previously deleted by the user can be restored.

Free data saver for the command line

The “Windows File Recovery” utility can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store and initially asks for the access data for the Microsoft account. However, this dialog can be canceled and the tool moves to the user’s system without any login using the installation process. Operation takes place after the first start via the Windows command line.

Windows File Recovery is available for free download from the Microsoft Store
Windows File Recovery is available for free download from the Microsoft Store

When starting the tool, which is currently still in the early version 0.0.11761.0, a corresponding help is also displayed, which also informs about the available commands for data recovery.

Rescue data from source to target

“Windows File Recovery” can only restore deleted data from a source drive to a target drive. According to Microsoft, data recovery and restoration to an identical target drive is not possible.

Microsoft therefore recommends using a corresponding removable medium such as a USB storage medium or an SD memory card with more than 4 GB of storage space as the target drive and restoring deleted data on it.

In addition to the NTFS used in Windows 10, the system tool also supports the FAT, exFAT and ReFS file systems.

Windows File Recovery can find and recover deleted files in the following file formats:

File formats and containers supported by Windows File Recovery

It should always be possible to restore data if the user has deleted it from the recycle bin and in some cases still succeed if the corresponding source drive can no longer be properly addressed by Windows.

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Windows 10 2004 (“20H1”) as a requirement

To use “Windows File Recovery”, Microsoft requires at least the May 2020 update and build 19041 alias Windows 10 (“20H1”). Microsoft provides more information in the store and at Support-Website of Windows File Recovery available.

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