Windows 10 update installs unnecessary software

A cheeky Windows 10 update brings new software to the computer that you didn’t ask for.

Disk space is precious and it is therefore extra annoying if a software update takes up unnecessary space from your hard drive. Fine if it improves security or adds extra functionalities, but no-one is waiting for unsolicited extras. Still, it seemed like a good update for Microsoft to add some extras to the latest Windows 10 update.

According to, among others The Verge requires a new Windows 10 update to install a number of Office web applications. These are incorporated in Edge, the standard browser of Windows 10. You can also find them in the start menu. As mentioned, this added software is part of a mandatory Windows 10 update. In short, you cannot escape installing this extra junk on your computer.

It is good to know that the web applications do not take up disk space. The only drawback is that Microsoft software to your computer that you did not ask for. After all, you can see it in the start menu and in Edge.

As a Windows 10 user, you cannot do anything about it. The update will be automatically installed on the computer.

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